Was Kate’s choice of dress for Pippa’s wedding a right royal fail?

It's divided opinion

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Kate Middleton was never going to please everyone with her choice of outfit at her sister’s wedding.

For starters, a guest should never upstage the bride – the more beautiful they are, the greater the need to take their look right down.

But, after Pippa’s bum almost overshadowed Kate’s big day, there are plenty of people who felt the Duchess should just go hell for leather (not literally leather…) and dazzle as she does best.

So the mum of two’s choice of outfit came as something of a disappointment – because she had very obviously steered clear of wearing anything that could be considered show-stopping, or limelight-hogging.

Did she look lovely? Of course.

But she couldn’t have blended more into the background if she’d gone in camo gear and hidden in a bush – alongside all the paparazzi.

Her Alexander McQueen dress was the palest of pink, with long sleeves, and mid-length – y’know, the one that looks demure on Kate; positively matronly on everyone else.

Its only concession to sexiness was a V-neck front – which revealed a hit of cleavage when she bent over to hush the page boys and flower girls!

Entertainment Daily readers are never shy to have an opinion on anything.

And you’ve not let us down on the topic of Kate’s outfit.

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Tracy Emerson posted to ED!’s Facebook: Kate looked terrible and she usually doesn’t; can’t help but feel it wasn’t her choice of dress, but she didn’t want to take the limelight – maybe it was her sister’s way of making sure she didn’t.”

Gill Hartmann Abbott, meanwhile, thought: “It’s such a shame that Kate felt she had to ‘dress down’. Kate is such a beautiful lady and unfortunately her outfit did not do her justice. She has looked much nicer on other royal occasions!”

Rose Eadie reasoned: “Kate’s outfit resembles one worn by one of the royal grandparents, and similar colour. in an old photograph of a wedding or christening.

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“Think it’s the Queen’s grandmother. But I liked the outfit, and I think that Kate’s taken a lot of time to look grand and royal, but not to outdo her sister. And it looks like it picks up the colour in the bridesmaids’ dresses.”

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