This Morning viewers slam Princess Diana’s bodyguard over crash comments

Many disagree with his theory

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When Princess Diana’s former bodyguard came on This Morning he gave an unexpected view when he said he doesn’t believe the conspiracy theories and her death was an ‘accident’.

The programme did a feature called Who Killed Diana? and spoke to Ken Wharfe, who used to be her bodyguard.

He said all the evidence that was gathered from the car crash points to it being just an accident.

Ken is a former bodyguard to Princess Diana (Credit: ITV)

Ken, who was Diana’s bodyguard from 1987 said: “This was an accident caused by a man driving too fast for the road conditions and with a high blood alcohol limit.”

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Presenter Eamonn Holmes then steered the conversation to talk about how the car itself, which he describes as “like a tank”, could have ended up in the state of wreckage that it did after the crash.

Eamonn said: “What on earth caused that?” The vehicle was allegedly going at around 70mph when it crashed, killing Diana and Dodi Fayed.”

Ken replied: “Any speed above sixty miles per hour in that car, it’s almost uncontrollable. To hit a concrete pillar at that sort of speed, nothing is going to withstand an accident of that size.

Ken doesn’t believe in any conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death (Credit: ITV)

“It’s no wonder that three people died in that accident, two of which were not wearing seat belts. There’s an issue in itself because had Diana and Dodi been wearing their seat belts then there’s every reason to suppose they would have survived that accident.”

He said that there are other contributing factors to the crash. He explained: “There are many things outside of the conspiracy theories that should be addressed which is, what went wrong in Paris? There were certain things to do with security that were failures.”

When Ruth Langsford asked him what he felt the biggest failures were he replied: “The biggest failure in my book was certainly the seat belt theory, but there was little or no liaison with the police outside of the hotel.

He was Diana’s bodyguard since 1987 (Credit: ITV)

“You have to question why did Henri Paul, who did have a drink problem, why was this man allowed to drive that vehicle at that time?

“I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories, I just think there were a series of very elementary errors in protection that actually in my view caused the accident.”

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Many viewers weren’t on Ken’s side and didn’t agree with his argument. One viewer said: “He’s talking nonsense about the car in question that princess Diana was in. Mercedes… them cars are untouchable, it’s German engineering.”

Another said: “Such a bias conversation, they had no one to represent the possibility of the conspiracies being true.”

Some just wanted Diana’s memory to be left in peace, with many tweeting comments such as: “For the love of all the saints. It’s been TWENTY years. Let the poor woman finally rest in peace!”

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