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The surprisingly strict diet of the Queen revealed

Turns out The Queen may be a bit of a picky eater.

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The head of the British Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II’s rather unusual eating habits have been revealed.

Despite having a vast wealth and access to some of the best chefs in the nation, she has always stuck to a fairly restricted diet.

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A former royal chef says The Queen favoured familiarity and routine in her diets.

She apparently tended to request the same dishes again and again.

This is according to Darren McGrady, who worked as a royal chef from 1982 to 1993.

Darren told Hello! magazine: “The Queen never was a foodie… for the most part she stuck to the same dishes week in, week out.”

Darren McGrady
Darren McGrady addresses viewers on YouTube (Image credit: YouTube)

He has his own YouTube channel, and recently answered an insightful Q&A session about his time serving the royals.

He said that there was one common ingredient that the Queen forbade – garlic.

“We could never use it”

Darren explains: “The Queen doesn’t like garlic.

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“We could never use it at Buckingham Palace.”

However, he said she is very fond of produce grown at her various estates.

“There are foods that the Queen does love and the whole royal family loves.

“It’s all the produce grown at their estates, especially at Balmoral Castle.

He went on to say that the royal family’s favourite time for good food was Christmas.

the queen garlic
The former royal chef says The Queen loathes garlic (Image credit:

“The royal family’s favourite tradition was probably Christmas.

“Their favourite dishes were roast turkey.”

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A fan also asked him if it was true that one of  the Queen’s favourite dishes is Morecambe Bay potted shrimps.

“That is so true”

Darren congratulated the viewer on being completely accurate.

“That is so true. The Queen does love Morecambe Bay potted shrimp.

“If you don’t know that they are, they are little brown shrimp.

“Obviously harvested from Morecambe Bay. They are cooked and marinated in this secret spicy butter.

“And then the Queen would have it with warm toast.

Darren treasures this gift from the late Princess Diana (Image credit: YouTube)

“And then when you spread them onto the warm toast the butter melts.

“It is my keepsake”

“And all that flavour runs into the toast. And then you have the beautiful shrimp as well.

He was later asked if he ever received a gift from the royal family.

He said he had indeed received a few – but only from Princess Diana.

The chef explained: “Princess Diana gave me a signed photograph.

“It is my keepsake, love it to bits. It is in a frame in my office.

“She also gave me these amazing cufflinks.”

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