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The Queen ‘works harder and is more value for money than European royals’ says study

A new study implies that the British Royal Family are a bargain for the taxpayer!

The Queen and the British Royal family ‘works harder’ and is ‘more value for money’ than many of their European counterparts – a new study has found.

A study conducted by the The Constitution Unit at University College London has found that only the Spanish and Belgian royal families cost less per head than the British royals.

However, the study also states that the British royal family carries out more official duties than both of those families.

As originally reported in The Times, the Sovereign Grant from 2017-2018 was £76.1 million.

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A new study argues that The Queen is good value for money (

This works out as £1.14 per year, per British taxpayer.

The study outlays the top ten most hard working royals.

Six out of the top ten are British. And so are the top two.

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Perhaps surprisingly, the Queen comes in at number five.

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Princess Anne is the hardest working of any royal in Europe (Credit:

And her royal European counterpart, The Crown Prince of Norway, comes out one step ahead.

However, the number one most hard working royal is Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter.

Next is the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

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Noticeably absent from the top ten is Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge has been accused by the press as ‘work shy’ in past years.

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Prince William isn’t in the study’s top 10 (Credit:

Prince William’s work amid the pandemic

However, his continuous work throughout the 2020 pandemic could place him much higher on the list this year.

Dr Bob Morris, has compiled his findings into a book called The Role of Monarchy in Modern Democracy.

Here, Dr Morris argues: “The royal family completed almost 3,200 engagements a year across the UK and overseas — many more than the Queen could undertake alone.

“The activities of the wider royal family are vital in bringing the institution of monarchy into direct and personal contact with all sections of society, including the disadvantaged and the marginalised.

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The British Royal Family completes an average of over 3,000 engagements per year (Credit:

“It seems that the British royal family spends more time than others on ‘earthed’, that is local, visiting whereas the smaller royal families seem more focused on ‘high’ functions at a national level.”

The findings come after it was revealed that The Queen will receive a government bailout.

The monarch has lost millions in earnings this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the value of the Crown Estate has slumped by £500 million this year.

The Treasury has confirmed it will top up the estate’s earnings due to its losses.

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