Queen, Harry, and Meghan

The Queen urged by fans to ‘strip Harry and Meghan of royal titles’ after Ellen interview

Should the couple still have their titles?

The Queen has been urged by royal fans to strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of their royal titles following Meghan’s interview on the Ellen Show this week.

Royal fans were left furious after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, gave an interview in America on Thursday (18 November).

Meghan’s decision to appear on the show has proven to be controversial.

Meghan Markle on Ellen Show
The Duchess of Sussex appeared on the Ellen show the other day (Credit: YouTube/Ellen)

What did Meghan talk about on the Ellen Show?

Meghan’s appearance on the Ellen Show was first teased on Wednesday. Ellen Degeneres posted a short clip of the interview on her Twitter, and the reaction was mixed, to say the least.

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In the clip, Meghan discussed how she was always at the Warner Brother’s lot auditioning during her acting days. She also talked about how she had to climb through the trunk of her old car to get in because the door wouldn’t open.

As well as stories from the past, Meghan also talked about life raising her children, Archie and Lillibet. She said that Prince Harry being a father is “the most beautiful thing to watch”.

When asked how Prince Harry was enjoying life in the US, Meghan said: “He loves it. We moved here during lockdown, exactly when things were shutting down. So we’ve just been able to spend a lot of time at home and creating our home.

“But I think it’s just the lifestyle and the weather is pretty great. But we’re just happy.”

During a segment of the show, Meghan also took part in a skit, where she pranked vendors. As part of the prank, Meghan ate like a chipmunk and drank from a baby bottle.

What did fans of the Queen say?

Meghan on the Ellen Show
Meghan’s involvement in a comedy ‘skit’ on the Ellen Show wound many royal fans up (Credit: Youtube/Ellen)

However, royal fans were left furious by Meghan’s antics, and her appearance on the show in general.

“The Queen needs to strip Harry & Meghan of their titles. This is farcical.” one person fumed.

“Nothing says remove Meghan from all association with the Royal Family more. If she wants to be a celebrity get on with it without any royal title! This is so disappointing,” another royal fan said.

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“Now is definitely the time to strip Meghan of her royal title on the grounds that she is not acting appropriately in public life to carry the title that represents the Royal Family,” another person wrote.

prince harry and meghan have snubbed the queen
Meghan and Prince Harry have declined the Queen’s Christmas invitation (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Why do royalists want the Queen to strip the couple of titles now?

Calls for Meghan and Harry to be stripped of their royal titles come after it was reported that they ‘snubbed’ the Queen’s Christmas invitation.

The Queen reportedly invited the royal couple to Sandringham for the holidays, but they decided to decline the offer.

The Queen, whose health is currently under scrutiny, was back in work on Wednesday (17 November). She had her first in-person engagement in close to a month at Windsor Castle.

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