The Queen and Prince Charles

Reality of the Queen’s mortality prompting Charles to step up, claims expert

The Prince of Wales supported the Queen at the State Opening this week

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The Queen was recently supported by Prince Charles at the State Opening of Parliament following the death of Prince Philip.

This week, Her Majesty, 95, attended her first big public duty since losing her husband of 73 years last month.

The Prince of Wales and wife Camilla accompanied the monarch and now an expert has said Charles is “suddenly struck that it is his job now to be the Queen’s supporter”.

Queen Charles
Charles and Camilla supported the Queen at the State Opening this week (Credit: BBC News)

Prince Charles now the Queen’s ‘supporter’

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James, who is Director of Services at global consultancy On Set Welfare, which specialises in working with people who live and work in the public eye, commented: “The last time we saw Her Majesty The Queen she was at her husband’s funeral.

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“She looked so frail and vulnerable sitting there all on her own.

“At the State Opening there was a slight mis-step as she walked at a couple of points, and she also appeared to get slightly flustered with her papers.

Her Majesty delivered the Queen’s Speech (Credit: BBC)

“She actually sniffed a couple of times when she was preparing to give her speech and this is quite uncharacteristic of her.

“Such a small thing can serve as a big reminder to us all that despite her being our monarch, she is only human after all.”

She continued: “These tiny micro-gestures and signals of her vulnerability are of course consistent with any lady of her advancing years…

“…but this is not just any lady, she is our Queen.

“We want, and perhaps even need her to remain unshakeable.

The Queen and Charles
Charles supported the Queen during her first big public duty since Philip’s death (Credit: BBC News)

What did Charles’ support to the Queen mean?

“That is what many people love about the Royal Family in general…

“…that they provide a degree of stability and consistency in an ever-changing world.”

Speaking about Charles’ support, Ms Langcaster-James spoke about the Prince taking his mother by the hand and walking her towards Parliament.

She continued: “He appeared to be somewhat caught between the natural desires of a son to support his ageing mother as she walks…

“…and the need to remain formal in his role.

“Like many people when they lose a parent, he may be suddenly struck that it is his job now to be The Queen’s supporter.

“And it seems he has been happy to step up and take his place in the order of events.”

The Queen
Ms Langcaster-James said the Queen appeared “slightly flustered with her papers” (Credit: Sky News)

“Her determination to carry on in her duties has remained”

In addition, the psychologist added: “Perhaps the recent death of his father has brought it home to him that he may, in the not-too-distant future, have to step up into a new position as King too.

“Such a realisation, as any son might have, that their parents are not infallible, might bring home the reality of The Queen’s own mortality.

“One thing is for sure, in recent times, we have witnessed The Queen’s vulnerability.

Perhaps the recent death of his father has brought it home to him.

“Yet her determination to carry on in her duties has remained.

“It appears that it is her stalwart dedication to the nation…

“…and her commitment to her role, which enables her to keep going, even during a year such as this…

“…and even when she has lost her life-long companion.”

Prince Philip birthday
Philip died last month (Credit:

Meanwhile, during the State Opening, Her Majesty delivered the Queen’s speech.

This set out the Government’s legislative plans for the next year.

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Her Majesty lost her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, on April 9.

She previously described him as her “strength and stay”.

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