The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales and Camilla delight fans with ‘cheeky’ display at royal reception

They're adorable together

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall delighted royal fans with their “cheeky” display at a royal reception yesterday (July 19).

The giggling couple were celebrating the “10+1 anniversary” of the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Royal fans appeared delighted as the couple’s official Clarence House Instagram account shared pictures and a video from the day.

The Prince of Wales
Camilla celebrated her 74th birthday over the weekend (Credit: Splash News)

So what happened with the Prince of Wales at the event?

Charles founded the Prince’s Countryside Fund, a UK-wide charity that empowers family farms and rural communities to ensure their future.

To celebrate the launch of its Confident Rural Communities network, Charles and Camilla were presented with a delicious-looking cake.

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As Camilla picked up a huge carving knife to cut the cake, Charles was heard to quip: “That looks like the sword I use to prune my tree.”

Camilla could then be seen brandishing the carving knife while the pair laughed and joked with onlookers.

She then cut into the cake and couldn’t resist a cheeky taste.

With many royal watchers commenting that they would’ve done exactly the same thing!

What did royal fans say about Charles and Camilla?

One commented: “They both look very happy together!!”

Another added: “They grow old together beautifully.”

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“Charles’ eyes and his whole face lights up when he is with the duchess,” said another.

“You two are so cheeky at times,” said another.

Others commented on Camilla’s “naughty” face when she snuck a nibble of the cake.

“The duchess cutting the cake and having a nibble,” laughed one.

“Love the duchess’ naughty face when she can’t resist a taste!” another quipped.

“I love how Camilla nabbed a piece of cake!” said a third.

The Prince of Wales
The Prince of Wales and Camilla were seen laughing and joking in a new video (Credit: Splash News)

‘Don’t argue Charles!’

However, some royal watchers issued a jokey warning to Prince Charles as his wife brandished the huge carving knife.

“Don’t mess with the woman who holds the knife,” quipped one.

Another said: “Don’t argue Charles, she’s holding the knife! Just say yes ma’am no ma’am.”

A third said: “Camilla with the knife 😂.”

“Never trust a woman with a gun, Sir!” quipped another.

“That was a big sharp pointy knife!” another declared.

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