Speculation mounts about Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid choice

Who will get the nod?

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Royal couple Prince Harry and his wife-to-be Meghan Markle finally set a date for their wedding earlier this week.

They pair have picked a (hopefully) sunny Saturday in May, the 19th, to tie the knot.

They didn’t ask us if we were free that day, but that’s by the by. We can move some things around.

And with the date now set in stone – also currently set to be the FA Cup final weekend – the time has come to get down to some serious planning.

The couple have lots of decisions to make (Credit: John Rainford/

One of the biggest questions we’ve got is simply this: Who will Meghan Markle pick for her bridesmaids, or maid of honour?

According to reports the current hot favourite is Meghan’s old friend, and fellow actress, Priyanka Chopra.

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The pair have been pals since way-back-when, regularly describing each other as “my girl” on their social media posts.

And when the engagement was first announced, Priyanka was very quick with her congratulations – did she know before anybody else?

Priyanka was quick to congratulate the pair (Credit: Instagram)

And if she did, how on earth did she manage to keep it a secret? She’s got a stronger will than us, that’s for sure!

The pair’s relationship goes way back to Meghan’s days starring in Suits, where it’s reported Harry first saw Meghan.

And speculation is getting hotter that Priyanka could also be tasked with the ultimate honour of accompanying Meghan up the aisle during the wedding.

Meghan has posted about “girl time” with Priyanka recently (Credit: Instagram)

Royal weddings usually take place on a weekday, but Harry and Meghan have opted for a Saturday, to avoid the issue of whether the day should be a bank holiday or not.

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Watch out though guys, wedding venues are often much more expensive on a Saturday – must have been why Will and Kate had theirs on a Friday. Just a tip from your pals at ED!

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