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Royal fans divided as Meghan Markle is compared to Princess Diana by The Crown star Emma Corrin

Emma thinks 'history is repeating itself'

Meghan Markle has been compared to Princess Diana by the upcoming star of The Crown – Emma Corrin.

The actress, 24, will star in the latest Netflix series at the late Princess Diana.

And in a recent interview she says she can see direct comparisons between Meghan and Diana.

In fact, she even said that she fears history is repeating itself.

While speaking to royal expert Elizabeth Holmes, on behalf of Town and Country, Emma shared her insights.

meghan markle prince harry
Like Princess Diana, Meghan Markle married into the Royal Family (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Emma said about Meghan and Diana?

She said: “You just want to shake these tabloids and say, can’t you see history repeating itself?”

What’s more, she says she thinks Diana must have been shocked at how ‘cold’ the Royal Family were at the start of her marriage to Prince Charles.

She explained: “The coldness, the traditions, and the expectations of behaviour … I don’t think she expected that. I think she expected to join a family.”

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Meanwhile Elizabeth writes: “It’s impossible to watch Diana’s entrance and attempts to acclimate without thinking of the treatment of Meghan Markle.”

princess diana prince charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage will be examined in the new series of The Crown (Credit: SplashNews)

How have Royal fans reacted?

However, their direct comparisons between the two have divided royalists.

Some agree, while others see no such similarities.

Viewers have shared their reactions to Emma and Elizabeth’s interpretations on Twitter.

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One reader tweeted: “No. Diana was young and innocent and tried like hell to become a participant in the royal family. She did great works and she was beloved. Megan was older and wiser and she chose to take her family to LA, the paparazzi capital of the world. She is making $ working for Netflix.”

emma corrin the crown netflix
Emma Corrin as a young Princess Diana in series four of The Crown (Credit: SplashNews)

When is series four of The Crown out?

While another argued: “Diana was a young naive 19-year-old when she became part of the Royal Family & wanted things to work… where as Meghan knew what she was marrying into & what responsibilities came with it.”

And a third reader even claimed: “No Meghan Markle isn’t like Princess Diana. People liked Diana.”

But on the other hand, many readers rushed to Meghan’s defence, and also agreed with Emma and Elizabeth’s sentiments.

For example, one user argued: “I do. Absolutely. They have learned nothing from the past. I like Meghan and Harry, and wish them well.”

And a further user when as so far as to claim: “Harry knew it all too well. That’s why he packed his family up and said we’re out. I saw what you did to my mother I will not let you destroy my wife.”

Series Four of The Crown will be available to stream on Netflix from November 15.

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