Prince Philip backed by royal fans amid reports relationship with Harry is ‘suffering’

The relationship has broken down

The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince Philip has reportedly broken down and royal fans are divided.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward has spoken out on how the relationship between the two has “suffered” after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to step away from their duties.

Prince Philip took the news particularly hard and was reported to be “deeply upset and dismayed”.

Ingrid Seward said, as reported by Vanity Fair: “His grandson’s behaviour is completely alien to him, so not unnaturally the relationship has suffered.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caused strain on the royal family
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caused strain on the royal family (Credit: SplashNews)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘upset’ Philip

The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, has always believed to have gotten on well famously with his grandson, 36. Yet after the decision to walk away from the Royal Family, Prince Philip reportedly walked away from his grandson.

Ingrid also alleges that Philip initially took a liking to Meghan when they first met, but now now has a ‘bad taste’ when it comes to the Duchess.

Ingrid explained: “Philip welcomed Meghan at the beginning, he knows what it’s like to be an outsider, and so he’s always very supportive of people marrying into the family.

“He quite liked Meghan at first, but their actions have left a bad taste and as a consequence the relationship with Harry has suffered.”

Prince Philip is reported to be hugely disappointed in Harry
Prince Philip is reported to be hugely disappointed in Harry (Credit: SplashNews)

Comparing Meghan to Wallis Simpson

Apparently, the Duke of Edinburgh has likened Meghan to Wallis Simpson. She famously caused a scandal when she fell in love with King Edward VIII and their relationship caused the abdication crisis when they married in 1937.

Ingrid went on to explain that Philip was so angered by Meghan and Harry that he couldn’t be around them. She claimed that Philip had deliberately fled Sandringham shortly before Harry, the Queen and Prince Charles met for their ‘summit’ regarding ‘Megxit’.

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The expert continued: “Of course, it irritates him hugely. And when they had the Sandringham Summit, Prince Philip was seen leaving the house very swiftly before they all arrived. He simply doesn’t want to get involved anymore.”

Royal fans seemed divided over the split, though.

One said, responding to an article on Twitter: “He shouldn’t do that, after all Harry is his grandson.”

However, another said: “Good for you Philip. A man with smarts, common sense and conviction. He knows a hoodwinker when he sees one. He’s not falling for Meg’s trickery.”

A third tweeted, of the claim that Philip had effectively walked away from Harry: “I should hope so.”

Prince Harry's behaviour was described as 'alien' to Prince Philip
Prince Harry’s behaviour was described as ‘alien’ to Prince Philip (Credit: SplashNews)

Prince Philip’s health

Royal expert Ingrid Seward has spoken about the duke’s eyesight being poor and his worries over appearing frail.

The royal expert explained that he takes every precaution to not be seen as ill in public.

She added: “He’s a proud man. He doesn’t want to be seen with a stick and would never consider a Zimmer frame.”

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