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Prince Philip funeral: Complete timeline of Duke of Edinburgh’s farewell including national minute’s silence

All eyes will be on Windsor from 2pm

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A national minute’s silence will be held today as part of the funeral of Prince Philip.

But what time can we expect to see Her Majesty the Queen and fellow royal mourners arrive?

How long is the service for Prince Philip expected to last – and what will happen during the service?

Here, ED! offers a detailed timeline on what will be a very sad day for the royal family and the nation as a whole.

prince Philip waving goodbye
Prince Philip’s final farewell takes place at Windsor Castle (Credit: Splash News)

Plans for funeral of Prince Philip revealed

The royal family outlined the plans for Philip’s send off earlier this week.

And they revealed that the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh arranged much of the day himself.

Philip’s coffin – covered with his personal standard and topped with his sword, naval cap and a wreath of flowers – will be moved from the private chapel to the Inner Hall of Windsor Castle.

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Members of The Queen’s Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, will have the honour of moving the duke’s body.

At 2pm, The Lord Chamberlain, the Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle and the Dean of Windsor will be present in the Inner Hall.

The Dean will say prayers at 2.10m before leaving by car to St George’s Chapel, where the funeral will take place.

Five minutes later, representatives from the services will be in place in the Quadrangle to honour Philip’s military connections.

It will also be lined by the Household Cavalry and The Foot Guards.

At 2.17pm, the band of the Grenadier Guards will be in Engine Court.

Windsor castle staff getting ready for funeral
The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery have been practising this week (Credit: Splash News)

First glimpse of the royal mourners

Between 2.20pm and 2.27pm, we’ll get our first glimpse of the royal family.

Those who are not taking part in the procession will leave Windsor Castle by car and journey to the chapel.

At 2.27pm, Prince Philip’s coffin will enter the Quadrangle via George IV Gate on his specially commissioned Land Rover.

At this point, the bands on site will begin to play music.

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Service chiefs, the Major General commanding the Household Division and his staff leave from the Equerries Entrance and take their position by the State Entrance facing the Land Rover.

The pall bearers will then take up their position on either side of the Land Rover and together move towards the State Entrance.

At 2.38pm, the prince’s coffin will be lifted into the Inner Hall.

Shortly after, members of the duke’s household will take up their positions in the procession and the bands stop playing music.

The Archbishop said he expected the Queen to handle the day with dignity
The Queen will say a sad farewell to her husband of 73 years (Credit: Splash News)

The royal procession

At 2.41pm, the coffin emerges from the State Entrance and is met by members of the royal family who are walking in the procession.

These will include Princes William and Harry, as well as Prince Andrew, Princess Anne , Prince Charles and Prince Edward.

A royal salute will be given before the coffin is place onto the Land Rover.

It’s at this point, 2.44pm, that the Queen and her lady-in-waiting leave from the Sovereign’s Entrance in the State Bentley.

The national anthem will be played.

At 2.45pm, the procession sets off and is expected to last for eight minutes.

Members of the royal family who are already at St George’s Chapel will stand to view the procession.

It’ll be accompanied by the firing of minute guns by The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery from the East Lawn and the sound of the Curfew Tower Bell.

Prince William and Prince Harry
William and Harry will walk behind their grandfather’s coffin (Credit: Splash News)

Her Majesty arrives at St George’s Chapel

The Queen will then be received by the Dean of Windsor who will show the mourners to their seats.

A royal salute will be given by the Windsor Castle Guard as the coffin passes the Parade Ground.

The Band of the Grenadier Guards will stop playing and march through into Denton’s Commons as the procession approaches.

The Rifles Guard of Honour, positioned in Horseshoe Cloister, will then give a royal salute and the national anthem will be played once more.

At 2.53pm, the Land Rover is scheduled to arrive at the foot of the chapel’s West Steps.

A Royal Navy piping party will sound once the Land Rover stops and the pall bearers take up their positions.

Prince Philip’s coffin will be carried up the steps and halt on the second landing as members of the royal family take their positions on the steps.

At 3pm a gun fired by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will signal the National Minute’s Silence.

At 3.01pm, the Dean of Windsor and the Archbishop of Canterbury will receive the coffin, which has been followed by those who walked in the procession.

The doors to St George’s Chapel will close as the sound of Carry On is played.

Prince Philip nickname
Prince Philip arranged many of the funeral plans himself (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Philip funeral plans: What will happen during the service?

Only those conducting the funeral and the 30 guests will be allowed inside during the service.

The coffin will be carried through the nave and placed on the catafalque in the choir.

Members of the royal family who followed the procession will then take their seats in the choir.

The funeral service will then be conducted by the Dean of Windsor and it’s expected to last for 50 minutes.

As the service draws to a close, the Dean will give the commendation as the coffin is lowered through the floor of the chapel and into the royal vault.

A lament will then be played by a Pipe Major of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The Last Post will be sounded by buglers of the Royal Marines.

After a period of silence, the Reveille will be sounded by the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry.

And, on specific request of the prince, the buglers of the Royal Marines will sound Action Stations.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will then pronounce the blessing, after which the national anthem will be sung by the four singers present – no one else is permitted to join in with the singing.

This will signal the end of the funeral service.

What will happen after the service?

The service is expected to end at 3.50pm.

Afterwards, the Queen and members of the royal family, along with Philip’s relatives, will leave the chapel.

They will exit via the Galilee Porch.

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