Prince Harry news: Lady C says Duke is ‘setting himself up for a massive fall’

The Lady has spoken!

Prince Harry has been criticised by Lady Colin Campbell in latest news.

The star, 71, says that the Duke of Sussex is heading for a “massive fall” as he keeps on making “enemies”.

While speaking to her pal on her official YouTube channel, Lady C made the stunning claims.

She said: “The man is setting himself up for the most massive – and believe me I know what I’m talking about – the most massive fall.”

She continued to argue that she believes the Prince is waging a war against free speech.

prince harry
Lady Colin Campbell brands Prince Harry ‘a disgrace’ (Credit:

What has Lady C said about Prince Harry now?

She said: “Harry is determined to make as many enemies as he can out of people who relish freedom of speech.

“He is absolutely determined that no matter what, he will used every opportunity, to push a censorship agenda.

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“Nobody must ever say anything that Harry and Meghan [Markle] don’t agree with.”

The former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant then asked: “What does that couple have to hide?

“What secret are they guarding so jealously? Assiduously. Determinedly. And carefully?

lady c on prince harry
Lady C doesn’t hold back in her disdain for the Prince (Credit: SplashNews)

“That they would prefer the world be muzzled rather than the world be allowed to enter into honest debate.”

In addition, she went on to brand him a ‘total idiot’, ‘a disgrace’ and poked fun at his A Level art results.

The Prince received a Grade B but it was later claimed by his former teacher that she had helped him ‘cheat’.

Lady Colin’s tirade comes after Prince Harry spoke out against social media with Fast Company.

meghan markle and prince harry
Meghan and Harry have both spoken out against social media in recent months (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Prince Harry said about social media?

Here Harry says he fears he is part of a ‘human experiment’ and is striving to make social media a more positive sphere.

Blaming the Capitol Riots on social media, he called for reform.

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Harry said: “Aspects of the digital space have unfortunately manipulated (or even highlighted) our weaknesses and brought out the worst in some.

“We have to believe in optimism because that’s the world and the humanity I want for my son, and all of us.

“We look forward to being part of the human experience—not a human experiment.”

Meanwhile, Lady C has also reacted to Meghan Markle altering her and Harry’s son, Archie’s birth certificate.

The Sun claimed that Meghan had erased her first two names and replaced it with Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex.

Lady C told the tabloid: “It is extraordinary and raises all kinds of questions about what the Sussexes were thinking.”

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