prince harry and meghan markle likely to write books next says expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘to start writing books,’ predicts expert

They're apparently emulating the Obamas!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will start writing books soon, predicts one royal expert.

This would come after the former senior royals signed highly lucrative deals with both Netflix and Spotify in 2020.

Katie Nicholl, a royal reporter and author, believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will follow in the footsteps of Barack and Michelle Obama.

The former President and First Lady of America have raked in millions with their bestselling books in recent years.

Katie says Meghan and Harry are modelling their just launched production company – Archewell Audio – on the Obama’s production company Higher Ground.

prince harry and meghan markle
Would you read a book written by Meghan and Harry? (Credit:

Meghan and Harry modelling themselves after Barack and Michelle Obama?

Speaking to 9Honey, Katie mused: “The Obamas’ Higher Ground was always going to be the business model for the Sussexes and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

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“They are just emulating in each step of what they’re doing and that is because the Obamas’ model has worked. It sits very much with the image that the Sussexes are trying to curate for themselves.

“And it’s a successful business model. So why wouldn’t they look to that for inspiration? I think that’s exactly what they’ve done.”

However, she told the Australian television network that she doesn’t believe the books will be ‘tell-alls’.

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Katie Nicholl believes Meghan and Harry are modelling themselves after Barack and Michelle Obama (Credit:

Meghan is a fan of self-help books

But rather more likely self-help or inspirational style books.

She explained: “I certainly think books are going to be on their agenda.

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“Meghan’s a big fan of self-help books herself, she’s a writer, she loves writing — I mean, look at the piece she wrote for the New York Times.

“So I think it’s very, very likely that they will move into books, or certainly Meghan particularly.”

harry and meghan step down as senior royals
Harry and Meghan signed deals worth tens of millions this year (Credit: SplashNews)

she then confirmed that she doesn’t expect either party to write poorly about The Royal Family.

Katie continued: “It’s important to remember they are still bound by that pledge to the royal family, to uphold the values of the monarchy, to remain respectful of the monarchy whether or not they are working members of the institution.”

When is Harry and Meghan’s first Netflix show out?

It remains unconfirmed when Harry and Meghan’s first Netflix production shall be released.

Their deal is said to be worth an incredible £100 million – and is set to include dramas, documentaries and children’s series.

But their first Spotify podcast episode could drop any day now, as they said they will be first releasing a ‘holiday special’.

They announced earlier this month of their new podcast deal, which is estimated to be worth somewhere in the range of £20 – £30 million.

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