Prince George gets a royal ticking off from Mum for wedding tantrum

It was a long day...

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Wedding days are stressful for everyone.

But imagine being three years old, pulled into a starchy outfit and forced to sit through grown-ups talking boring stuff at each other for an hour in church – when all you want to do is play with your friends.

Prince George certainly needed to let off a little steam as his auntie Pippa tied the knot today.

He’d done ever such a good job, looking the part in his dress shirt, beige culottes and knee-length white socks (awww).

The young heir to the throne also politely posed for photographs with the newlyweds.

Although, at one point, the young prince did seemed bemused by watching his aunt lock lips with his new uncle, James Spencer.

No one needs to see grown-ups kissing, right?!

Eventually, the standing on ceremony took its toll, though, and George was seen throwing a little tantrum and letting a few tears roll free.

Proving she’s no pushover, Kate was snapped giving her first-born a stern ticking off, while his little sister looked on as though she’d seen this little performance before!

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We shouldn’t say ‘aaaah’, as we all know how stressful it is trying to bring a tired, grumpy little person into line at a public engagement.

But just look at his wobbly and obstinate top lip!

Bless him. We hope he got to run around the grounds of his grandparents with his shoes and socks off once the wedding party moved off to the reception.

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