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Saturday 30th May 2020

Prince Charles urges furloughed Brits to pick fruit and veg to save farm industry

He's said the farm industry needs help

Prince Charles has divided people after urging furloughed workers to pick fruit and veg.

In a video message, the Prince of Wales said those on furlough should sign up to these temporary jobs over the summer.

Charles said it would be "challenging" and "hard graft" for many people, who are used to working in an office.

Prince Charles urged furloughed workers to pick fruit and veg (Credit:

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What did Charles say?

The 71-year-old said: "At this time of great uncertainty, many of our normal routines of life are being challenged.

"The food and farming sector is no exception.

"If we are to harvest British fruit and vegetables this year, we need an army of people to help.

"Food does not happen by magic; it all begins with our remarkable farmers and growers."

Charles explained he was sharing the message in support of the Pick for Britain campaign.

The campaign encourages anyone looking for work during these times to consider a job picking fruit and vegetables this summer.

In the video, Charles said: "In the coming months, my thousands of people will be needed to bring in the crops.

"It will be hard graft but is hugely important if we are to avoid the growing crops going to waste.

"Harvesting runs until early Autumn and people are needed who are genuinely going to commit.

"Now, I do not doubt that the work will be unglamorous and challenging.

Charles divided people with his message (Credit:

"But it is of the utmost importance and, at height of this global pandemic, you will be making a vital contribution to the national effort.

"So, I can only urge you to 'Pick for Britain.'"

People had split opinions on Charles' message.

What did they say?

One person said on Twitter: "So Prince Charles wants those workers who have been laid off to become fruit & veg pickers.

"Which basically means he wants workers to work for low wages.

"So that rich farmers can sell fruit & veg to rich supermarkets so they can sell us back the fruit and veg we just picked."

Another said: "Prince Charles calling for people to sign up as fruit and veg pickers - he’s never done a day's graft in his life."

However, many defended Charles.

One wrote: "Prince Charles has served in the air force and navy.

"He also is doing public appearances much of the time and is constantly under media attention. Royals don't sit around all day..."

Another said: "Well said Prince Charles! The UK people have to harvest by their own hands for saving themselves.

"They should be grateful for having the farmers and good land, and they need to cherish for all agriculture products."

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