Paul Burrell makes shocking revelation about how he enabled Diana’s eating disorder

Former butler spills more secrets in new TV show

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Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell is set to reveal more of Diana’s most personal secrets on TV.

The controversial former servant has been criticised by many for making a career – and a lot of money – out of selling stories about the late Princess of Wales.

For many, his books, TV appearances and articles are a betrayal of the woman he claims once referred to him as her “rock”.

Paul has been criticised for talking so much about Diana (Credit: ITV)

Now Burrell, 59, reveals in an upcoming documentary that he helped her in indulging in her secret bulimia by buying her certain foods that would help her be sick.

He will tell a Channel 5 TV show: “I’d get the chef to prepare a gallon of custard.

“I’d buy yoghurt and lots of bananas and prepare the room to make sure she was comfortable.

“I’d make sure there was a pile of towels. I was doing my duty. I’d have done anything for Diana. It wasn’t illegal, as far as I was aware.”

Paul says: “I’d have done anything for Diana. It wasn’t illegal, as far as I was aware” (Credit: ITV)

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He also claims he took her for colonic irrigation.

“This is where I used to come with the Princess. I’d drop her off to go to colonic irrigation, drive around the block a few times and pick her up.”

He was paid £10,000 by Channel 5’s In Therapy to tell all. In the show, he’s quizzed by a psychologist at a rehab centre on London’s Harley Street.

He goes on to describe how he sat beside her body after she had died, saying: “She was soft and warm. I couldn’t come to terms with her death.”

Paul says he couldn’t let go of Diana after her death and even slept her in wardrobe (Credit: FameFlynet)

He reveals he then started sleeping in her wardrobe: “I found myself in her rooms and could smell her perfume. I could hear her voice.

“I’d find myself in the bottom of her wardrobe asleep among her clothes. It was the only way I could try and get her back into my world.

He also admitted his obsession is beginning to affect his marriage to lawyer husband, Graham Cooper, 58.

Paul says that his new husband Graham has asked him to put pics of Diana away and it feels like there is three people in his marriage (Credit: FameFlynet)

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In the interview he explains: “My husband said, ‘Let’s put this picture away of Diana’. I said, ‘No, she’s part of my world’.”

He added, using a phrase made famous by Diana: “It never occurred to me there are three people in my marriage.

“It’s very difficult for me to let go of her, and I think she is moving away.”

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