Meghan’s dream wedding plans reportedly ‘dashed’ by royal officials

But she might have the Queen on her side...

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Like most brides, she will no doubt have very strong ideas as what she does – and doesn’t – want on her big day.

But sadly for Meghan Markle, marrying into the Royal Family might mean that some decisions are entirely out of her hands.

Like where the reception will be held.

(Credit: Kensington Palace)
So, I was thinking, your wedding shoes… (Credit: Kensington Palace)

According to the Sunday Express, Meghan’s preferred venue has been “gently vetoed” by palace aides in favour of a more ‘practical’ location.

So where exactly did Megs want to host her post-nuptials party? A local nightclub? On a river boat sailing down the Thames at Windsor? In the throne room at Buck House?

No. If the story is to believed, romantic Meghan wanted the do to take place at Frogmore House – the grounds of which were the location for her and Harry’s gorgeous engagement photoshoot.

We could put the choc fountain over there, Harry (Credit: Kensington Palace)

And her fondness for the place isn’t just because of their dreamy engagement pics – long before then, Harry reportedly wooed Meghan in house’s gardens with a romantic picnic.

Bless him.

And you’d think with its 35 acres of stunning greenery, which includes an ornamental lake and numerous shady glens and lush lawns, Frogmore would indeed be an ideal venue for weddings and parties.

But according to a source, where the Royal family are concerned, practicality must come before prettiness.

I’m NOT having it at your local. Even if it IS the Queen’s Head (Credit: FameFlynet)

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This is despite Frogmore House being part of the royal Home Park estate, and just half a mile down the road from Windsor Castle.

And the fact it is regularly used by the Royals for entertaining – in fact, Peter Phillips, the Princess Royal’s son, used it as the venue for his wedding to Autumn Kelly in May, 2008.

But it obviously doesn’t cut the mustard for a wedding on the scale of Harry and Meghan’s.

“They would have loved Frogmore for the party, particularly Meghan, but they have been told St George’s Hall is far more practical,” the insider told the paper.

St George’s Hall is a state room within Windsor Castle, and is situated right next door to the Chapel in which they will tie the knot.

And I really want a unicorn as ring bearer… (Credit: BBC)

Which you can’t deny is slightly more practical than ferrying various heads of state and hangers on back down the road to Frogmore…

Although should Meghan wants to take it to the top, she could have an ally in the form of her Maj, whom the royal insider claimed is also a huge fan of Frogmore House.

“One person who would have readily approved of their choice was the Queen, for whom Frogmore is a very special place,” the mole said.

Go on Meghan – go all bridezilla and get on the phone to Liz!

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