Meghan Markle news: Royal’s legal battle will ‘backfire’ and could be ‘harmful’, claims expert

Meghan is suing over the publication of a letter to her dad

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The Meghan Markle legal battle could “backfire”, a royal expert has claimed in latest news about the royal.

The Duchess of Sussex is suing Associated Newspapers over five articles published across the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline.

The articles reproduced parts of a handwritten letter Meghan had sent to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

Meghan Markle legal battle could “backfire”, a royal expert claimed (Credit:

Will Meghan Markle legal battle backfire?

Now, royal expert Duncan Larcombe has said the legalities will appear “mucky, unnecessary and extremely un-royal”. 

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily!, Duncan said: “I think Meghan’s legal action will spectacularly backfire. Why is she dragging this all up?

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“And if her father gives evidence against his own daughter who knows what might come out.”

In addition, he added: “There is a reason royals rarely go near legal action.

Parts of a letter Meghan wrote to her dad published in 2019 (Credit:

“Often what comes out is more harmful than the piece you objected to in the first place. 

“It will appear mucky, unnecessary and extremely un-royal.”

Meanwhile, royal expert and Author of Prince Philip Revealed Inrgid Seward had similar views. 

She told us: “If she doesn’t get a summary judgement the case will proceed to court for all the evidence to be tested and this will be very unpleasant for everyone involved.

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Meghan warned about legal battle (Credit:

“For Meghan’s sake I hope it never does”

“I think Meghan will have public sympathy, but then people will say why on earth did she bring this upon herself and her family in the first place?  

“I don’t think there will be any winners if it goes to court whatever the outcome.

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“For Meghan’s sake I hope it never does.”

Recent reports claimed four palace staff who worked for Meghan and husband Prince Harry may give evidence.

Meanwhile, last week, Meghan’s lawyers applied for a summary judgment – which could see the case resolved without a trial.

A letter from lawyers representing the so-called “Palace Four” said the former staff members were “strictly neutral” and did not “wish to take sides”. 

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