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Meghan Markle news: Duchess appears ‘composed in first TV appearance since Oprah,’ claim experts

The Duchess spoke at the VAX Live concert

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In latest Meghan Markle news, body language experts have analysed the Duchess as she made her first TV appearance since her Oprah interview.

The Duchess of Sussex gave a virtual speech to Global Citizen’s VAX Live concert on Saturday evening (May 8).

Pregnant Meghan looked radiant in a red dress as she called for worldwide vaccine equality.

Now two body language experts have analysed Meghan during the appearance, saying she appeared confident throughout.

Meghan Markle vax speech
Meghan appeared confident during the speech, says a body language expert (Credit: VAX LIVE)

What’s the latest Meghan Markle news?

Body language expert Adrianne Carter said Meghan’s tone of voice appeared interesting.

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She told Entertainment Daily!: “She holds herself very still and composed throughout – almost too perfectly posed… It makes me remember she is an actress.

“What’s most interesting is her tone of voice in this clip.

Meghan Markle vaccine speech May 2021
Meghan’s voice shows she wanted to be taken seriously, says an expert (Credit: VAX Live)

“It’s strong, determined and lower than her normal tone of voice (compared to the Oprah interview particularly).

“When someone lowers the tone of their voice it’s a sign that they want you to take them seriously and is supposed to generate higher levels of trust.

“A firm and confident tone of voice is often used to give the impression that the person talking is distinguished and important…”

Meanwhile, Scarlett Red, presenter and body language expert, and owner of Mama’s Closet, also shared her thoughts.

She told us: “Meghan is sitting upright with her shoulders back. This is to portray an image of confidence and authority to the audience.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at an event
Meghan and Harry live in the US (Credit:

What else did the experts say?

“She is maintaining constant eye contact, as if to overemphasise her sincerity. When people lie, they compensate by over-holding a gaze.

“She also blinks rapidly in parts of her speech. This can indicate increased stress levels or having to remember what they previously said. It can be a sign of deception.”

In addition, she continued: “When we are genuinely smiling, the side of our eyes naturally crease. Meghan’s don’t do this at any point, so the smiling does not appear genuine.

“Meghan raises and twitches her eyebrows a lot during her speech.

meghan markle looking pensive
Meghan is pregnant with her second baby (Credit:

“This is a submissive move which indicates openness. It is also done subconsciously when we are making demand or arguing/making important points.

“By her body language analysis, she appears to be trying to overemphasise her importance, confidence and authority.

“She appears to genuinely care about the subject she is talking about, however, there seems to be an underlying vulnerability and a facade being put up.”

Meanwhile, during her appearance, Meghan made a touching tribute to the late Princess Diana.

Meghan wore a stunning Cartier Tank Française watch.

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It’s believed the watch belonged to Diana and is one she was often seen wearing at public events.

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