Meghan Markle interview: Duchess ‘reached breaking point’ just like Princess Diana

Despite being twenty six years apart, the two share striking similarities

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Meghan Markle “reached breaking point” just like Princess Diana ahead of her interview, says psychologist Honey Langcaster-James.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, dropped several claims against the Royal family during her chat with Oprah Winfrey.

According to the TV psychologist, Meghan’s struggles seemingly echo that of Princess Diana’s.

Meghan Markle in Oprah interview
Meghan Markle ‘reached breaking point’ ahead of her bombshell interview (Credit: CBS This Morning/YouTube)

Meghan Markle interview: How does the Duchess compare to Diana?

During the interview, Meghan bravely opened up on her struggles with mental health.

At one point, the mother-of-one revealed that she was even left suicidal while pregnant with her son.

Meanwhile, Diana also discussed her personal battles with Martin Bashir on Panorama in 1995.

They are two women who expressed similar feelings of loneliness and isolation within the Royal Family

Drawing on the comparisons, Honey told ED!: “I think similarities will inevitably be drawn.

“They are two women who expressed similar feelings of loneliness and isolation within the Royal Family, and two women who tell of story of reaching breaking point.”

The psychologist often deals with public figures whilst working as the Founder and Director of Services at On Set Welfare.

princess diana
Diana also opened up on her mental health struggles (Credit:

Furthermore, Honey added: “I can tell you that being famous makes it very difficult for people to access support when they need it. It is also awful for people to live in fear for your own well-being and that of your family because of your fame.

“Having security place, is a necessity for many public figures, just so they can feel safe, so what Meghan and Harry described, being left without this, must have been very very hard to cope with.

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“If they don’t feel safe, they end up feeling trapped, exposed and vulnerable. This can lead to a worsening of mental health. And if they can see no way forward it can, in the worst cases, lead to hopelessness and despair.”

The importance of speaking out

Meanwhile, Honey praised Meghan for opening up on her experiences.

She added: “The fact that she opened up about her own suicidal feelings but also revealed that she shared those feelings and also came through the other side eventually, is likely to give hope to others who are having difficulties.

“If just one person out there thinks that they too might make it through a tough time, then it could help save a life, especially if it encourages others to open up, because talking to someone is often the first step towards recovery.”

Meghan Markle news
Meghan ‘will help encourage others’ (Credit:

However, she insists more work needs to be done to help break the current sigma.

In addition, Honey shared: “In my opinion, more work needs to be done to prevent people from being openly criticised and disparaged because of their mental health struggles.

“People need to remember that mental illness is a very serious issue. Someone sharing that they’ve suffered should be applauded for being brave enough to tell the world about it.”

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‘Meghan will help encourage others’

So, what does Honey think of the criticism surrounding Meghan’s comments?

Furthermore, she told us: “It’s not helpful for critics to downplay what is essentially an illness that she has revealed she’s experienced, a mental illness.

“The narrative of it being attention seeking or victim hood is very unhelpful to those who do suffer mental illness. They already tend to fear that someone will think badly of them. Hopefully Meghan’s story of her own battle with mental illness will help encourage others.”

If you are feeling suicidal thoughts, don’t suffer alone. Contact the Samaritans free on 116 123 or email

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