Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stun holidaymakers with their travel plans

Engaged couple took New Year break

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He’s in line to the throne and she’s a famous actress but it seems Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t afraid of slumming it if they have to.

The royal couple, who will marry in May, stunned holidaymakers by joining them in economy class on a flight to France.

Credit: Twitter (Kensington Palace)
Meghan and Harry have jetted to France after spending Christmas in Norfolk (Credit: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

Meghan and Harry shunned a private jet or first class travel to fly to Nice via British Airways to ring in the New Year.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair sat near the toilets as they flew out of Heathrow on New Year’s Eve to party with friends in the glamorous holiday hotspot.

They boarded the flight first and took up three rows of economy seats as they were joined by “edgy and nervous” bodyguards.
The couple, who announced their engagement in November, were spotted in economy class (Credit: BBC)

“In an attempt to remain incognito, the pair boarded their 9.55am flight before any other passengers and headed straight to the back of the plane, next to the rear toilets,” the paper’s royal correspondent Rebecca English reported.

“They also took up three rows of economy seats, either side of the aisle, even though there were only themselves and three ‘edgy and nervous’ bodyguards in their party.”

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Despite them both dressing down with Harry, 33, pulling a baseball cap over his face and Meghan, 36, wearing a black beanie hat, the famous couple were still recognised by some of their fellow travellers.

(Credit: Kensington Palace)
Harry and Meghan glammed up for their engagement shoot but dressed down with hats to try and disguise themselves on the flight (Credit: Kensington Palace)

And if any had failed to notice them on the back of their flight, it became clear they were in VIP company when they landed, as the Mail reports that there were “two heavily armed officers from the French border police waiting for the party as they disembarked, ready to whisk them out through the VIP area.”

It’s not the first time royals have been spotted bagging an airline bargain.

Prince Harry’s brother Prince William has been spotted on EasyJet flights on numerous occasions.

The couple spent New Year in Nice, France (Credit: Fameflynet)

Harry and Meghan jetted to a private residence in Nice where they were partied with friends at New Year after spending Christmas with the Queen in Sandringham.

The couple were the centre of attention as they joined the rest of the family at a Christmas Day church service in Norfolk.

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The prince and the Suits actress will marry in Windsor after announcing their engagement last November.

Their break to France will no doubt be a chance to catch their breath after a whirlwind few months where Meghan has been thrust into the global spotlight.

They could also be busy planning their honeymoon – but we bet they won’t fly economy for that!

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