Meghan and Harry looking worried

Meghan and Harry scrutinised after ‘dismissive’ gesture from Duke of Sussex

PDA or something more telling?

Could cracks be showing in Meghan and Harry’s relationship after allegations the prince made a “dismissive” gesture?

According to one body language expert, Harry’s actions could be seen as “striking”.

Judi James studied the couple’s behaviour at an event. She reported her findings to OK! magazine.

Meghan and Harry in New York at the Nelson Mandela Awards (Credit: YouTube)

Prince Harry made a ‘dismissive’ gesture

Meghan and Harry marked Mandela Day by visiting the 2020 UN Nelson Mandela Prize Award Ceremony.

The event was held in New York.

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Meghan and Harry, 37, were pictured and filmed looking very affectionate towards each other.

But all was not as it seemed, according to claims made by Judi.

Meghan does appear to take control here.

Judi started: “Her clasp of his hand and arm in the auditorium looked like a gesture of reassurance in the face of nervousness.”

Meghan touches Harry’s arm after he pulled his hand away (Credit: YouTube)

“Meghan seems to be holding Harry’s hand as they sit together but then he appears to pull or even snatch his hand away in what looks like a dismissive gesture,” Judi claimed.

Judi claimed this was surprising because Meghan and Harry often display affection towards each other in public.

“For Harry to pull his hand away is striking, especially from a man for whom PDAs with his wife are a natural and non-negotiable norm.” she told OK!.

Meghan ‘takes control’

But that’s not the end as far as Meghan, 40, is concerned.

The former actress did not accept being “dismissed” and therefore took control of the situation, according to Judi.

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Judi explained that Meghan “does appear to take control here”.

Judi said she did this by “taking his hand back and placing it on her lap and holding his arm with her other hand to correct Harry with a degree of firmness”.

She then went on to claim Meghan “even glances down at the new PDA as though checking it is reflecting their closeness”.

ED! has contacted reps for a comment.

Prince Harry gave a speech about climate change in honour of Nelson Mandela (Credit: YouTube)

Harry delivered a speech in honour of Nelson Mandela, detailing his legacy and raising concerns about the looming threat of global warming.

You can hear his speech in the video below.

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