Kate Middleton slammed for her “disgusting” shopping habits

She has a lot of money to spend...

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Most of us love the royals and the sort of magic they seem to embody as part of an establishment that goes back centuries.

But unfortunately along the way they have made a few enemies.

One of those is MP for Kensington, London, Emma Dent Coad.

She has blasted her own constituent Kate Middleton for her shopping habits, branding them “outrageous” and “disgusting”.

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Kate always looks fabulous, but the MP has a problem with Kate spending lots of money on clothes, and particularly £150 on a jumper.

At a Labour Party conference fringe event Dent Coad is reported by Sky News to have said: “That’s a food bill for a family of four. That’s absolutely outrageous.”

She is said to have called Kate’s lavish spending “disgusting” and added: “Their MP thinks the system is ridiculous. We should not be funding them.”

She also slammed the BBC for their “sickeningly gratuitous coverage of anything royal,” saying that the broadcaster is “very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the monarchy”.

She added: “It is a piece of the whole propaganda machine.”

This isn’t the first time the MP has slammed Kate.

Earlier this year Dent Coad compared Kate and her family to the Kardashians.

At the Republic’s annual convention in Newcastle she said: “I say the Middletons are like the Kardashians now, because they are such film stars.

“I would say if we are going to have princes and princesses then I would rather it was the Beckhams, because they have earned their own money.”

Last month Kate’s fans were outraged after a former royal butler said Kate doesn’t compare to Princess Diana.

Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell sent Twitter into a meltdown after giving an interview with Australia’s 9News.

Paul – whose book A Royal Duty was a New York Times best seller – said: “I met Mother Teresa. She had it. Pope John Paul II had it. The Queen has it. Diana certainly had it. Kate doesn’t.”

By “it,” the 59-year-old is referring to a “magic quality” that the late Princess of Wales had, but he said the Duchess of Cambridge lacks. Harsh!

“She’s a lovely, lovely girl,” he said of Prince William’s 35-year-old wife.

“Now, if you get to meet Kate, you will know she totally adores her husband. They’re devoted to each other.

“But that extra something, which you would call the ‘X factor,’ the magic quality, charisma. It’s not there.”

Kate’s fans were furious after Paul made his comments and took to Twitter to vent.

One wrote: “Paul Burrell is a nobody, an ex-butler, an ex-servant that nobody cares about what he thinks or has to say that is relevant today.”

Another fan tweeted: “Well good if that means she will never entertain a human leech like you living off her status! #paulburrell #leech.”

One royal lover wrote: “But then of course the simpering wimp, aka Paul Burrell is totally biased.

“Kate apparently isn’t trying to compete anyway.”

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One defended Kate by tweeting: “Forgive me if I’m wrong… But I think you’ll find that nobody gives a shiny [expletive] what that weirdo has to say…”

Another wrote: “Maybe because Kate is NOT Diana!!! Diana would love Kate.

“She doesn’t have to live up to anyone. She’s her own person and lovely with it.”

Poor Kate, she’s going through a time of it!

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