Embarrassment for Kate Middleton over mum’s killer clown scandal

Carole has been branded 'irresponsible'

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Crown jewels? More like clown jewels!

Creepy clowns have taken everyone in Britain by storm, but nobody expected royalty to be adding fuel to the fire.

Kate Middleton’s mum is selling ‘killer clown’ costumes on her fancy dress website that range from £18.99 to £43.99.

Oh dear…

Carole and Michael Middleton’s business, Party Pieces, has five different clown outfits for sale, aimed at children as young as four.

They include the Deluxe Sinister Clown with “a bloodied jumpsuit and terrifying mask with open brain”.

Deluxe Sinister Clown Costume

As well as this, a Sideshow Clown features a terrifying clown mask with a black and red tattered shirt.

Sideshow Clown

Victims of the clown sightings have branded Carole’s firm as “irresponsible” and have urged police to withdraw the costumes.

Deluxe Zombie Clown Costume

Owen Russell, a 17-year-old clown victim, said: “It’s disgraceful that these costumes are still being sold, especially by a family with links to the royals.

“They’re supporting the craze. It’s highly irresponsible. People are being terrorised and assaulted.

“Someone will get killed.”

Owen was almost blinded, when a thug in a clown costume threw a branch at his face, missing his left eye but leaving a head wound that needed six stitches.

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t work for Party Pieces anymore, but her sister Pippa still does.

The clown craze is getting out of control, with police warning people to stop because they will be prosecuted.

Let’s hope Carole removes these costumes before it’s too late!

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