James Hewitt finally comments on being Prince Harry father rumours

We've heard the rumours, now the man himself speaks!

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For years people have been comparing pictures of Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt and Prince Harry.

Cue raised eyebrows and knowing looks.

Many have speculated that Harry looks more like James than Prince Charles because they share similar noses and, of course, the shock of red hair.

But now Hewitt – who has avoided the spotlight since his former love’s death – has finally spoken out to deny the rumours.

The former cavalry officer had a relationship with Princess Diana that lasted for five steamy years while she was still married to Prince Charles.

Diana rocked the world when she confessed in 1995 that she’d had an illicit affair with the polo-playing ginger bad boy.

She spoke out during an emotional interview on the BBC’s Panorama programme that scandalised Buckingham Palace.

Diana and Charles had split in 1992 but they didn’t divorce for another four years.

So could there be any truth to these distressing rumours? Could Harry be William’s half-brother?

PAH! Hewitt took no prisoners, crushing the claims.

Speaking on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night in Australia, the former Life Guards officer was asked if he was Harry’s dad and he replied: “No, I’m not.”

He was asked: “Why does that keep being repeated?”

He said: “It sells papers.”

In the past Hewitt has tried to kill the rumours by explaining that his affair with Diana started after Harry was born.

Speaking on the same show down under, Diana’s controversial former butler and ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Paul Burrell, said he had even more of Diana’s letters in the stash that’s caused him to be loved and loathed by fans of the late princess.

He teased that they’ve never been seen in public before, sparking rumours he’s after another big money book deal.

Meanwhile, the now-reclusive Hewitt sticks to the facts, having described the couple’s five-year relationship as “exciting and sexy”.

In a previous magazine interview he chatted about the sizzling royal affair: “The situation that Princess Diana and I were in made it exciting and sexy because it was risky.

“The danger spiced it up a bit, if you know what I mean.”

No stranger to controversial book deals himself, Hewitt was panned in 1999 for selling off his love letters penned by Diana between 1989 and 1991 during their affair.