Is this the reason for Prince George’s wedding tantrum?

Looks like the wee nipper wasn't looking where he was stepping

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Even little princes can be naughty so-and-sos.

As we reported yesterday, three-year-old Prince George was given a telling off at Pippa’s wedding by his mum for some reason.

After having to sit through the ceremony and then gawping at the grown ups snogging for pictures (no kids like this) he was seen kicking off and shedding a few tears.

Prince George was smiles all day until mum Kate gave him a telling off (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Kate proved she can be a firm mum by giving the wee fella a bit of a telling off.

Now we think we know why the mite was kicking off.

In video footage from the wedding yesterday, the bride and groom and their page boys and flowers girls can be seen leaving the church.

Kate as seen telling the wee fella off – but why was he being told off? (Credit: FameFlynet)

But eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that the little prince looks like he stood on the train of the bride’s £40,000 wedding dress.

Yes, her £40, 000 dress!

No wonder Kate was fast to tell him off. She might be royal, but you wouldn’t want to have to shell out for the dry-cleaning on that!

Of course, the fella didn’t mean any harm but, like any kid, burst into tears when his mum issued him with a few tough words.

Kate had noticed that George was stepping on the train of Pippa’s £40k gown! (Credit: FameFlynet)

In spite of that momentary upset it looked as though Geroge had a great day and was spotted laughing and flashing his big regal smile as much as he could.

And it seems all the wee ones attending the lavish wedding were playful and cheeky on the day.

Royal snapper Arthur Edwards says the kids were the stars of the day and had everyone entertained.

“If anyone would show up the bride on her special day, it was going to be adorable Princess ­Charlotte and Prince George,” he wrote in The Sun.

Royal snapper Arthur Edwards said if anyone upstaged the bride it was the adorable kids. (Credit: FameFlynet)

“But all the children were calm and happy to get on with each other. At one point little Charlotte stuck out her tongue in a cheeky pose. But she might have found it a ­little bit daunting at times as she left the church.

“Charlotte was supposed to throw petals from her little basket like the other flower girls but was happier staying with her mum.

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“She has just had her second birthday so ­considering what a big day it was, she did really well.”