prince William and harry funeral

Funeral of Prince Philip: The picture of William and Harry that all royal fans wanted to see

The brothers were finally reunited

The funeral of Prince Philip took place earlier today (April 17) and royal fans were thrilled to finally see William and Harry reunited.

While the Duke of Edinburgh was no doubt the focus of the day, all eyes were also on Princes William and Harry following their fall-out.

Harry flew over from California for the funeral, leaving wife Meghan Markle at home with son Archie.

harry wills
The Duchess of Cambridge was seen chatting to Prince Harry and her husband William (Credit: Sky News)

What happened at the funeral of Prince Philip?

William and Harry walked behind the coffin of their grandfather in the procession ahead of the funeral.

Peter Phillips stood in the middle of them.

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The brothers were also sat apart at the funeral.

William attended the service with wife Kate Middleton and Harry sat on his own.

However, after the funeral, royal fans got the moment they had all been waiting for when William, Harry and Kate were seen chatting outside St George’s Chapel.

prince William and harry funeral
After the service Kate hung back to let the brothers talk (Credit: Sky News)

What happened with Prince William and Harry at the funeral?

The brothers seemed to be at least back on speaking terms as they headed out of the funeral service.

Harry was seen chatting to Kate, with William joining in with their conversation.

It’s a moment royal watchers had hoped would happen, as the trio used to be so close before rumours of a rift started.

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As the royals headed back to the State Apartments after the funeral, Kate stepped back a little.

This allowed brothers William and Harry to walk side-by-side in the sunshine.

The brothers were seen chatting as William appeared to wipe away a tear during the walk.

prince William and harry funeral
Harry, William and Kate were once quite the trio (Credit: Sky News)

What did royal fans say about the reunion?

Royal fans were delighted with the pictures, that were streamed live on TV.

“So good to see Princes William and Harry speaking at the end,” said one.

Another added: “Despite all that’s happened it just feels good seeing William, Harry and Kate okay. After all, they are still family. Prince Philip will be glad.”

A third added: “Fantastic to see William Harry and Kate taking together like adults. Prince Philip would be so pleased.”

Another said: “Lovely to see William, Harry and Catherine walking and talking together after the funeral.

“Hope they have made amends, they have so much love to give to each other it would be a shame if they fell out for good.”

Another added: “It was very nice seeing William, Harry and Catherine walking side-by-side and talking amongst themselves. It has been a long time since that happened.”

Happy to see Prince William and Harry walking together after the service and actually talking.

“Sometimes it takes death to realise what is the most important thing in life and how trivial others are,” said another.

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