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Funeral of Prince Philip: Full list of all the music played chosen by Duke of Edinburgh

Several pieces were requested by The Duke himself...

The funeral of Prince Philip was a dignified affair which featured a stunning selection of music selected by the late Duke of Edinburgh himself.

Music played in the lead-up, during and after the funeral service.

Musicians were present, as was a choir of just four singers.

Despite COVID restrictions restricting the amount of musical performers allowed – the music remained momentous and highly impactful throughout.

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harry william funeral
Music played as the guests arrived at Prince Philip’s funeral (Credit: BBC)

But just what music was played? And what did the pieces mean to Prince Philip?

Here we take a look at the music as it played…

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Music prior to the service:

  • Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele BWV 654 – Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Adagio espressivo (Sonata in A minor) – Sir William Harris
  • Salix (The Plymouth Suite) – Percy Whitlock
  • Berceuse (Op 31 No. 19) – Louis Vierne
  • Rhosymedre  – Ralph Vaughan Williams
prince philip funeral choir
But the choir was limited to just four singers (Credit: BBC)

Music during the funeral of Prince Philip:

  • Firstly the choir sang Melita by J B Dykes
  • Jubilate by Benjamin Britten (1913-76), in C, written for St George’s Chapel, Windsor. This song was written by request of Prince Philip
  • Psalm 104, set to music by William Lovelady, which Prince Philip also requested
  • The choir sang Lesser Litany
  • The choir sings the Anthem, Russian Kontakion of the Departed, translated by William John Birkbeck, Kiev Melody, arranged by Sir Walter Parratt, KCVO
  • The pipe major of The Royal Regiment of Scotland plays A Lament
  • The buglers of the Royal Marines sound The Last Post
  • State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry sound Reveille
  • The buglers of the Royal Marines sound Action Stations
  • Finally, the choir sang the national anthem
duke of Edinburgh funeral
COVID rules restricted the amount of musicians allowed (Credit: BBC)

Music played after the service:

  • Luke Bond played Prelude and Fugue in C minor BWV 546 Johann Sebastian Bach

What was the significance of the music requested by Prince Philip?

Two of the pieces of music played at the funeral of Prince Philip were personally requested by the late Duke.

The Jubilate, by Benjamin Britten, and a setting of Psalm 104 by guitarist and composer William Lovelady were both written at the request of Prince Philip.

Both The Queen and Prince Philip dined with Lord Britten after attending the premiere of his seventh opera, Gloriana.

This was an opera written about the coronation of The Queen. During this dinner, Philip reportedly requested that Lord Britten compose music for the Jubilate and the Te Deum for the St George’s Chapel choir in 1958.

Meanwhile, the Psalm 104 was first performed at Prince Philip’s 75th birthday in 1996.

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