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Duchess Camilla: Touching funeral tribute to Prince Philip revealed

A poignant tribute indeed...

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Duchess Camilla made a discreet but touching tribute to the late Prince Philip.

The Duchess of Cornwall, formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles, 73, attended the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral with Prince Charles, 72.

Camilla adorned her mourning clothes with a bugle brooch.

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The silver brooch is in keeping with the tradition of wearing colourless jewellery in mourning.

And the bugle, meanwhile, was a direct tribute to Prince Philip.

camilla charles funeral
Camilla at Prince Philip’s funeral with Prince Charles (Credit: BBC)

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and her role as Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles

That’s because Camilla took over from Prince Philip as the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles last year.

The bugle horn is, of course, the cap badge of The Rifles and is worn by all current Riflemen.

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Prince Philip stood down as Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles in July 2020.

He came out of retirement for the rare public appearance.

However, the passing over of titles was done with a rather quirky COVID-19 friendly twist.

Prince Philip documentary
Prince Philip at The Transfer Of The Colonel-In-Chief Of The Rifles last year (Credit: SplashNews)

Camilla was some 100 miles away from Prince Philip at Windsor Castle.

From Berkshire, at Highgrove House in Tilbury, Camilla proudly received the new role.

Bugle horns were sounded at various points of the ceremony, and it was all video live-streamed between each location.

Camilla comforted Charles at the funeral

During Prince Philip’s funeral, Camilla appeared as a pillar of strength for Prince Charles.

The Duke of Cornwall appeared visibly upset and his wife was seen patting his hand.

Body language expert Judi Love told “After a lifetime spent masking his emotions in public Prince Charles appeared overcome by grief and his tears appeared to flow throughout the service.

funeral bugle prince philip
Bugle music was performed at the service (Credit: BBC)

“Camilla was seen using the same comforting hand-pat that she often used to use in the early days after their relationship went public, showing the same supportive and almost maternal traits that seemed to bind them as a couple before their marriage.”

Prince Charles said of his father’s passing: “My father for I suppose, the last 70 years, has given the most remarkable, devoted service to the Queen, to my family, and to the country and also to the whole of the Commonwealth.

“As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father enormously – he was a much-loved and appreciated figure.

“And apart from anything else, I can imagine he’d be so deeply touched by the number of other people, here and elsewhere around the world in the Commonwealth, who also, I think, share our loss and our sorrow.

“And my dear Papa was a very special person. [He] would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that are being said about him.

“From that point of view we are, my family, deeply grateful for all that – it will sustain us in this particular loss and at this particularly sad time.”

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