Meghan Markle and Prince Harry documentary sparks a Twitter uproar

Viewers of ITV documentary are not best pleased

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An ITV documentary about HRH Prince Harry and Suits actress girlfriend Meghan Markle has caused viewers to get their knickers in a right old twist – as it appeared to tease the couple’s ‘impending engagement’.

The programme Prince Harry and Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply, documented Harry and Meghan’s blossoming romance and saw a handful of people close to the couple give their opinions on the relationship.

But what it also did was bang on about them being on the verge of saying “I do.”

Now, we’re first in the queue to want to see another royal wedding (gin and tonic jelly shots at 10.30am anyone?) but Meghan and Harry only really went public with their relationship in September this year when they were seen together at the Invictus Games.

Look how cute they are.

And prior to that, Harry had released a statement asking people politely to keep their beaks out of his and Meghan’s love life.

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So considering that the relationship is pretty new and oh so precious – we don’t even know if she leaves a toothbrush at his yet – talk of marriage annoyed a lot of viewers with plenty of them having a rant over on Twitter.

One Tweeter questioned why everyone seemed to be OK with the massive marriage pressure being put on the pair…

Whilst another was questioning ITV’s integrity…

And someone else thought for the moment he might have missed something…

While others just thought the whole thing was a waste of time.

Also in the documentary, Samantha Markle (Meghan’s half-sister) spoke out on the womens’ reported feud, saying: “I was quoted as calling her ‘Princess Pushy’ I never said those words.”

She added, “It created a divide between Meghan and I and I think I was just hurt.”

This also got some Twitter rage.

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But some viewers remained convinced that the documentary was a spoiler alert for some up-coming nuptials.

We’ll hold off on the hat.

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