Controversial TV commentator set to offend many with her reflections on Princess Diana

Germaine Greer pulls no punches

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As we all know it was 20 years ago this week that Princess Diana lost her life in a tragic car crash in Paris.

And much of the recent telly coverage has been suitably respectful towards the People’s Princess.

But feminist and one-time CBB star Germaine Greer looks set to cause offence in an interview set to air tonight.

Germain doesn’t mince her words as she discusses Diana’s sex life (Credit: RT)

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During a discussion on what Diana would be doing now had she survived, Germaine said that she reckoned the public might not have ended up not liking 56-year-old Diana, and she went on to brand her the worst [sexual expletive] in the country.

When presenter and journo Sam Delaney asked if Diana might have ended up on I’m A Celeb by now, Germaine was very clear about what she thought.

“I expect not actually, but it’s interesting to think, ‘Would we still like her if she was 56?’

“And I think we probably wouldn’t, we didn’t even like the Queen when she was 56.

Germaine said she felt the pubic wouldn’t like Diana these days (Credit: RT)

“We don’t like middle-aged women very much. How would Diana have middle-aged?”

She added: “I mean, what would the tally be of the men who had dumped her by that stage?

“It would be 40 or 50 probably. Worst [BLEEP] in the country, by all accounts.”

Sam then asked if Germaine thought Diana had been a great role model for women.

Again, the noted feminist made her feelings very clear.

“No,” she said. “She was too dependent on the love of men, I think.

“And she was prepared to humiliate herself to get it and she blew it every time.

“I think she just didn’t understand that neediness is not sexy and that’s probably what went wrong.

Germaine said that Diana was no feminist role model as she depended on the love of men (Credit: RT)

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 “I mean, it’s such a catalogue of disasters and your heart does ache for her.

“And to end up with Dodi Al Fayed, or Dodi Fayed as the Egyptians prefer to call him, that was just the wrong end of the upward spiral, you might think.”

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