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Charles and Camilla: Duchess of Cornwall scared of ‘abrasive’ Princess Anne after joining royal family

And it's all because they loved the same man…

Charles and Camilla may look blissfully happy but, beneath the surface, it appears that hasn’t always been the case for the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Prince of Wales married second wife Camilla in 2005 but it wasn’t just the general public who appear to have opposed the marriage.

It’s been reported that Charles’ sister Princess Anne didn’t make her brother’s new wife feel very welcome in the royal family either.

Official picture of Princess Anne
Princess Anne didn’t make Camilla feel too welcome after her marriage to Prince Charles (Credit: ALPR/AdMedia)

Duchess of Cornwall’s history with Princess Anne

The two ladies share quite the history – as viewers of Netflix series The Crown will know.

Camilla was first married to Andrew Parker Bowles – who Princess Anne is said to have dated in the early 1970s.

And it’s this “affair” that one royal author cites as something that caused quite the wedge between the pair.

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Not only that, it’s been claimed that the Queen‘s only daughter “intimidated” Camilla with her “abrasive” manner for years after she entered the royal family.

Royal author Penny Juror told Channel 5 Anne’s treatment of Camilla was extremely nerve-wracking and mostly because they both loved the same man – Andrew Parker Bowles.

But Princess Anne is quite a tricky character and she can be quite abrasive. Over the years, Camilla has been slightly intimidated by her.

Penny claimed: “The affair between Andrew and Anne came to nothing but I think they were hugely fond of each other. And they remain hugely fond of each other.

“I think Camilla has always had a bit of a problem with that, partly because of the affair.”

Duchess of Cornwall at an event
It’s reported that Camilla felt ‘intimidated’ by Anne for years (Credit: Splash News)

Anne can be ‘quite abrasive’

Of Anne’s character, she added: “But Princess Anne is quite a tricky character and she can be quite abrasive. Over the years, Camilla has been slightly intimidated by her.”

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Opening up about Anne’s so-called “affair” with Parker Bowles, Penny said: “It was while he was having a relationship with Princess Anne that Camilla was introduced to Prince Charles and had a little fling with him.

“I guess there was an element of tit-for-tat in Camilla’s relationship with Charles. There was the man she loved having a fling with Princess Anne. What’s sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander,” she added.

Camilla with Princess Anne
The ladies – pictured with Prince Harry – both loved the same man (Credit: Splash News)

Charles and Camilla – their love story

As royal watchers will know, Charles and Camilla split and she went on to marry Andrew in 1973.

They stayed in touch, though, with Camilla attending Charles’ wedding to Princess Diana in 1981.

Their close relationship is thought to have contributed to the demise of Charles’ marriage to Diana.

The couple ended their marriage in 1992, with Camilla and Andrew following suit in 1995.

And the rest, for Charles and Camilla at least, is history…

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