Big Brother star shocked by surprise visit from William and Kate

She thought the surprise special guest was going to be Bobby Norris!

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How many Big Brother stars can say they have met royalty?

Not many we bet, as most of them would probably not pass a security check.

But this week one very lucky veteran of the telly reality show did get to breathe in the same regal air.

Adele Roberts, who was in series three of BB alongside Jade Goody but is now a hip hop Radio 1 DJ, was guesting on Scott Mills’ show when in walked the happy royal couple

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Adele couldn’t believe her eyes when the pair strolled in and took a seat at the desk to wish her luck with the marathon tomorrow.

Scott teased the reality star-cum-radio-DJ and said he as surprised she hadn’t twigged that something was up in the studio due to the amount of cameras in the studio.

Adele, who is taking part in the 26 mile run for mental health charity Heads Together, joked that she thought Bobby Norris was coming into the studio and said she it was “surreal” and felt like she was asleep.

While he had them in the studio, Scott took the opportunity to find out what they get up to in their private lives – and they were very forthcoming.

When they’re not being all regal at public functions, William says that he and Kate are happy to sit at home, with their feet up, having a cuppa bingeing on telly shows.

“We’re both keen on box sets, we’re a bit box setty”, admitting that they only really got a chance to do that “once the kiddies were in bed”.

William also admitted that he and Kate are forced to watch a lot of kids TV, but that George has passed the Peppa Pig stage and is now a big fan of Fireman Sam.

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However, when the kids are tucked up in bed, William says he and Kate whip out more adult material to watch.

No, you saucy folks, not that kind of adult material.

They love to sit down and watch brutal and bloody shows like Game of Thrones and Homeland.

However, William still love cutesy TV and told listeners that when he was younger he was hooked to Neighbours,

“We used to watch Neighbours a lot at school, everyone used to congregate after school and watch Neighbours.”

When Scott launched into a conversation about takeaways, Kate revealed her favourite food was “definitely curry”!

Er, really? With a figure like that?

However, William says he has too many options when it comes to a Deliveroo courier dropping a tasty package off at Kensington Palace (Ooh, we’d love to see that!)

“It’s a real conundrum when it comes to it, a curry or chinese. I’m not good with spicy food.

“It does normally get ordered to the palace, we go and pick it up, not us someone else.”

“I put that down to your really early years, your childhood experience.”