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Monday 30th March 2020

Alan Sugar calls out ‘grovelling’ Piers Morgan over his ‘vendetta’ against Meghan Markle

Old rivals square up again

Lord Alan Sugar has asked Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan just what it is that he has "against" Meghan Markle.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced plans to step down as senior royals, Piers let rip.

He wrote an opinion piece where he advised the Queen to sack the pair and relinquish their titles.

Lord Sugar has called Piers out over his Meghan vendetta (Credit: Splash News)

Now Lord Sugar has questioned Piers' motives, claiming it's just sour grapes after Meghan ghosted him when she married into the royal family.

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Lord Sugar said: "Why don't you come clean @piersmorgan. Tell your followers what you have against Meghan."
The reason @piersmorgan has the hump with Meghan is she didn’t call him ever again after he bought her a drink in his pub.

He added: "Fact is she blew you out. You grovelled to take her to your pub once and since then she has not answered your grovelling calls. Had she acknowledged you it would be a different story. QED."

Piers was quick to reply and defend himself and said Meghan asked him to go for a drink – not the other way round.

Alan then posted a meme from TV show Steptoe & Son that poked fun at Piers.

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It featured the dialogue: "She's not here, is she? She's blown you out. I knew she would."

It's not the first time Piers and The Apprentice boss have butted heads.

Last year, Piers branded Lord Sugar a "bald old goat" in a Twitter rant.

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