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Thursday 14th November 2019

Love Island's Joe accused of 'faking' romance with Lucie to stay in villa

They aren't happy with the way he's treating Lucie

Love Island's Joe Garratt has been questioned over his relationship with Lucie Donlan in the villa.

Joe left fans furious when he told his partner Lucie he isn't happy that she's been hanging out with Tommy Fury and advised her to "maybe get closer to the girls".

Surfer Lucie admitted she gets on better with the guys in the villa rather than the girls.

Lucie admitted she gets on better with the guys in the villa rather than the girls (Credit: ITV)

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Joe told Lucie: "The whole thing with Tommy it is just strange. You walked off with him and then you were with him for a good hour."

Lucie said: "Yeah, because I get on with him more than the girls."

However, Joe hit back: "I'll be honest with you, on the outside world I wouldn't really be cool with it."

Lucie replied: "It doesn't mean there's a romantic thing there," to which Joe said: "I don't really see anybody else in here doing the same thing."

Lucie hit back: "Yeah because they're all girly girls," to which Joe said: "To me that's not a girly girl. That's more just them respecting the person they're with."

Joe said he doesn't like Lucie hanging out with Tommy (Credit: ITV)

Lucie said: "But you can't want me to do things that you kind of want me to do if it's not me."

I genuinely feel like Joe is becoming a bit too obsessive with Lucie!

Joe suggested: "I think you're very close with the boys individually, but now I think it's time to get closer with the girls."

Lucie then broke down in tears and said: "Everyone here just doesn't get me," to which Joe said: "I get you. You know I have your back in here."

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Joe said: "I do really care for her but there are these seeds of doubt. I want us to work but I'm confused. I just need her to get where I'm coming from and hopefully adapt to the situation."

Viewers branded Joe "controlling" (Credit: ITV)

Dennie Smith of Old Style Dating said: "Joe is showing classic signs of controlling behaviour. Isolation, criticism  and guilt

"Lucy is very happy in Tommy’s company,  it’s purely platonic. She admits she’s not ‘girly girl’ and feels more comfortable in male company. And there is absolutely  nothing wrong with that.

"But Joe has said he is not happy with her spending time with Tommy saying it’s odd and everyone agrees. He is telling her who she should spend time with, e.g. him and the other girls.

"He is saying too that he doubts he can continue ‘pairing’ with her if she continues, making her upset and doubt her actions. I felt very sorry for her, and wonder if Joe genuinely likes her or more worried about being kicked off if he doesn’t have a partner?"

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