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Love Island viewers demand Michael leave the villa over treatment of Amber

He ordered his ex to sit down

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We all love a bit of drama on Love Island, but many viewers felt Michael Griffiths went too far during Monday night’s episode.

In fact, fans have demanded the firefighter be evicted from the villa over his treatment of fellow contestant, Amber Gill.

love island amber michael
He told Amber to “sit down” before telling her there was no chance for them (Credit: ITV)

The episode had some of the most dramatic scenes of the series so far, as the group had to decide whether to send Michael or his partner, Joanna Chimonides home.

After an awkward argument where Joanna called Michael a “[bleeping] snake” for not immediately saying he’d leave with her, she exited the villa.

The next day, a clearly-angry Michael decided to have a chat with his ex, Amber, shouting at her repeatedly across the garden to “sit down”.

love island amber
Amber seemed shocked by his attitude towards her (Credit: ITV)

The rest of the group looked shocked by his tone, with Maura Higgins saying: “Did she just let him talk to her like that? ‘Sit down’?!… That was really rude.” While Ovie Soko commented that Michael was in a “take no prisoners” mood.

Michael then told her sharply that there was no chance of anything happening between them, saying: “I want to finally make it clear… I just wanted to make sure it was clear.”

love island
She told her friends afterwards how upset she was about the way he talked to her (Credit: ITV)

Amber was emotional afterwards, telling her friends: “He’s so weird… It’s really, really, really starting to upset us and wear us down.”

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Ofcom has received 147 complaints so far over Michael’s behaviour.

A spokesperson for the broadcasting watchdog told Radio Times that “the majority related to Michael’s behaviour”, which was deemed “unacceptable” by fans.

Those watching last night thought his behaviour and attitude was “disgusting”, with many calling for producers to evict him from the villa.

love island michael
He admitted afterwards that he’d been “savage” with Amber (Credit: ITV)

One tweeted: “Times like these watching #LoveIsland stops being fun because if you’ve ever had the misfortune of being around an emotional abuser you recognise this behaviour. Asserting his dominance just to humiliate a young woman who’s already made herself vulnerable. A bonafide scumbag.”

Another concerned viewer wrote: “Why haven’t the producers seen this and removed him? It pains me that he is still there.”

A third blasted: “Can they just evict Michael for just existing in the villa. He can pack his bags and go ‘sit down’ on his own couch in his own home. #LoveIsland.”

love island amber
Amber got dumped by Michael when he went to Casa Amor (Credit: ITV)

A fourth added: “Michael seems to have lost touch with reality, his behaviour is worrying. ‘Sit down’. Producers need to speak to him re his unacceptable behaviour to Amber and provide support to him #loveisland.”

One more said: “LOVE ISLAND Remove MICHAEL out of the villa, if Joanna is the one then he needs to leave with her, it is MENTAL ABUSE how he’s been treating #amberloveisland TELLING HER TO SIT DOWN was last straw last night disgusting and dangerous behaviour producers take this very serious.”

Others seem genuinely worried about Amber, with one tweeting: “She’s gone from being a feisty, strong, no [bleep] woman, to doubting herself. I find it very upsetting to watch.” A second said: “@AmberRoseGill deserves a real man who will respect her and treat her like a queen! Micheal needs to grow up and see he can’t talk to people like that.”

Even dedicated Love Island fan – and former X Factor finalist – Jake Quickenden waded into the debate on Twitter, saying: “Mate I’m sorry… Michael saying ‘sit down’ was bang out, I was half expecting him to say ‘roll over’ afterwards, so rude… you can get your point across and not be a [bleep] about it! #loveisland.”

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Things are obviously getting tenser by the second in the Love Island villa. And with only a couple of weeks left until the final, things can only get more dramatic…

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