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Love Island fans tells Danny and Arabella to ‘start packing their bags’ as one couple leaves the show tonight

In the words of Anna, 'BYE!'

One couple will be dumped from the island tonight and Love Island viewers are hoping that it’ll be Danny and Arabella.

Taking to Twitter in their droves, fans of the ITV2 reality show turned against Yewande’s ex and his new flame.

Some even said that fans needed to “come together” to vote for every couple except Danny and the blonde beauty.

Love Island fans seemed keen for Danny and Arabella to get the boot tonight (Credit: ITV)

“I feel I don’t even need to watch # tonight to know Arabella and Danny will be sent home….. byeeeeeeee,” one said.

Another added: “I hope that no one voted for Danny and Arabella. They need to go.”

A third added: “UK I hope y’all did the job to get Danny & Arabella out!”

Danny angered viewers – and Yewande’s pals Amber and Anna, who were accused of bullying by viewers – when he chose Arabella over Yewande, meaning the scientist’s time in the villa came to an end.

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And, on last night’s show, things seemed to be heating up between the pair, with Arabella admitting that she was close to the “danger zone” with Danny.

She said: “When you’re in bed smooching but you can’t have sex, I feel like that is between a six and a ten.”

Danny chose Arabella over Yewande and it seems their relationship is going from strength to strength (Credit: ITV)

She added: “When you pet someone, that is a one. I feel like it’s building up. Last night, we were at a six and now I’m at an eight and I’m thinking, I don’t want to get to that ten.”

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Whether or not they’ll have time to reach a ten while they’re in the villa remains to be seen, with some Twitter users predicting that dumped Yewande – who revealed that Danny “broke her heart” – would be urging her family and friends to vote the couple out tonight.

And, if that does happen, then Danny and Arabella will appear on Sunday’s Aftersun show with Yewande – something that fills a lot of Love Island fans with glee!

Other viewers called Danny and Arabella “a snoozefest” and said: “Please just leave.”

However, some viewers have thrown their support behind the new couple and are appalled at how they’ve been treated by their fellow islanders.

The couple cosied up and shared their first kiss just two hours after becoming an official couple (Credit: ITV)

Taking to Twitter, one viewer asked: “Why does everyone hate Arabella? She literally went into the villa to find a connection and she found one. Danny is the one who lied to Yewande and Anna & Amber are the ones holding grudges and making things worse.”

Others admitted the couple “don’t annoy me any more”, with one Danny and Arabella fan urging the Twitterverse not to be so “bitter”.

Another wrote: “I know that MANY people want to see Danny&Arabella go but I’ve actually seen some support for them on twitter… and I think the bottom 2 will be Tom&Maura and Lucie&Anton.”

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