Amy and Curtis break up Love Island

Love Island fans disgusted as Curtis dumps Amy

He says he "can't promise" his head won't be turned

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Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard has dumped Amy Hart.

The professional ballroom dancer has called time on his “half-relationship” with the air-hostess after four weeks coupled up because he “can’t promise” her that his head won’t be turned again if another lady walks into the villa that takes his fancy – just like Jourdan Riane did when Amy was away at Casa Amor earlier this week.

Amy and Jourdan heart to heart Love Island
Amy opened up to Jourdan about the issues she was having (Credit: ITV)

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He said: “I’ve meant everything I’ve said but I can’t promise you that this won’t happen again and I don’t want to hurt you how I’ve hurt you. It’s on me, everything is on me. And I am sorry for everything I have done to you. You have every right to say whatever you want about me or to me. I am truly sorry.”

To which a heartbroken Amy replied: “How can you go from saying you want a future with me, you want to be with me to now saying you don’t want to be with me. You’re a liar. You’re a compulsive liar,” before she stormed off to her friends.

Amy called Curtis in for a chat during tonight’s episode (04.07.19) after she spoke to Jourdan earlier on in the day to find out what happened between them while she was away pining after him and working out how she could tell him she “loves” him.

Amy called Curtis in for a chat (Credit: ITV)

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Amy fumed: “I feel like I was an acceptably average placeholder until you found someone better. I feel like I’m your back-up plan … I don’t think you actually fancy me. We’re supposed to be this fable half-boyfriend/half-girlfriend which makes me feel like an utter [bleep] because you were having meaningful snogs with other girls while I’m not here. Like, how is that okay? How is that acceptable?

“For me, it was absence makes the heart grow fonder but for you it was out of sight, out of mind … I’ve later found out that you were willing to throw away four weeks of what we’ve built together for the sake of two conversations.

“Now she must be bloody special. Even if you think with your head you like me, you clearly don’t. I was so loyal to you and you couldn’t give that back to me …

“I just feel like I’m the easy option. You knew that this would break my heart. And you still did it.”

Curtis decided to end things for good between the two of them (Credit: ITV)

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The handsome dancer started off by defending himself and sweetening Amy up.

He said: “I always say you’re fantastic, I always say you’re amazing and I always say you have more talents than everyone in this villa. I did feel and I do feel things. You are amazing and I do like you and I did see and I can see a future with you.”

But the blonde beauty decided she wanted to take a “break” from him for a while.

She explained: “I want to be civil with you, I do want to talk to you but I need a break now to work out what I want to do. I’m not saying this is over forever if you want us to work still but you need to think about whether or not I’m actually what you want … Just say it, just rip the bandaid off.”

Looks like it’s the end for the happy couple… (Credit: ITV)

But Curtis had other ideas and decided to end things for good because he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to stay “loyal” to her outside of the villa.

The hunk landed himself in hot water earlier this week when he told Jourdan – who he kissed twice during tasks – that he would recouple with her because he fancied her, but he decided against it when she said she had feelings for Danny Williams.

Many viewers were not impressed…

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