Ryan Thomas in CBB

Ryan Thomas’ family “heartbroken” after watching his ordeal on last night’s CBB

Devastating scenes for his family to endure...

Ryan Thomas’ brother Scott took to Twitter last night to share with his followers his ‘heartbreak’ over his brother’s treatment at the hands of Roxanne Pallett, after she accused him of hurting her during a play fight.

He’s got his big bro’s back… (Credit: Twitter/Scott Thomas)

Roxanne’s exaggerated version of events didn’t seem to wash with her fellow cast-mates, but obviously caused enormous upset to Ryan’s family.

Roxanne laid it on thick in the diary room (Credit: CBB/Channel5)

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In an emotional post, Scott, 30, revealed he was heartbroken to have watched his brother go through all the drama in the house, but was glad that the viewing public were seeing him for the ‘special human’ he is.

He wrote:

“That was heartbreaking to watch tonight but I’m so glad the nation is getting to see my big brother for the special human being he is. Handled the situation like a true champion. I just hope he can get back to being him now and shine like the star he is! Love you bro.”

Scott ended his sweet post with a love heart and prayer hands.

Ryan’s fam have been left distraught by the Roxanne sitch (Credit: Cbb/Channel5)

Fan’s of Ryan were quick to respond to Scott’s tweet and offer their support to his troubled brother.

Fan’s agreed with Scott (Credit: Twitter)

“It really was heartbreaking to watch. He is broken!” agreed one. “I feel so sorry for Ryan. The producers of BBUK need to do the right thing and SHOW THE FOOTAGE to the housemates!”

Others agreed that Ryan’s Big Brother co-stars really needed to be shown footage of what went on with him and Roxy, and her subsequent chats with the other housemates so they knew the full story.

Without that happening, warned one, the situation would just drag on and cause Ryan more upset.

“Agree! They really NEED to show the housemates the footage NOW – before this drags on and causes Ryan and more unnecessary stress,” a fan wrote. “The housemates all need to see the REALITY of the situation and the extent of her bloody lies! Come on BBUK DO IT!”

Twitter users want the housemates to see ALL the Roxy/Ryan footage (Credit: Twitter)

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Other tweets in response to Scott’s message offered words of comfort to Ryan’s mum, acknowledging how hard it must be for her to watch her son going through such an awful ordeal.

“Hug ur mum extra tight tonight. She must be shattered by all this,” a commenter told Scott. “Tell her to take comfort that she has 3 sons to be proud of, especially Ryan for holding it together in the CBB house. When u see ur son cry and u can’t comfort him must be awful for her.”

Fan’s rallied round Ryan’s mum, too (Credit: Twitter)
Ryan Thomas lying on a bed
It’s been a gruelling time for Ryan (Credit: CBB/Channel5)

It really must be so awful for Ryan’s family to have watched the whole scenario unravel and not be able to offer him any words of comfort, right?

But amazing to see how supportive and loving they are towards him.

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