Plus-size model sent DEATH THREATS by ‘fat activists’ after dieting

Rosie Mercado lost 240 lbs and was told to jump off a bridge

A beautiful plus-size model has revealed her heartbreak after being sent death threats and suicide taunts from so-called ‘fat activists’ who are furious that she lost weight.

Rosie Mercado, who used to be a size 24 and is now size 12 to 14, was told to jump off a bridge and kill herself by people who objected to her slimming down.

The 36-year-old told TMZ: “I got hate mail – not so much from the other models, just fans that hated on me.

“They told me to go jump off a bridge and kill myself for losing weight.

“Fat activists, there you go. Yeah fat activists, they just hated the thought I was really public about my weight loss and I was losing weight.”

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The model lost more than half of her body weight and now weighs 170 pounds.

Don’t you think she looks gorgeous?

She continued: “Because I guess everybody loves to be happy in their own weight.

“Some people love being overweight, some people don’t.

“I think it’s a personal choice and you’ve just got to take it, there’s good and bad that comes in life choice and changes so you know what?

“You’ve just got to let it go and not pay attention to the negative remarks.”

What a great attitude.

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Rosie decided to change her lifestyle after a flight attendant told her she was too big for one seat and she would need to buy another seat to travel.

“Diet for me really equalled a lifestyle change, it equalled freedon, it didn’t equal a size.

“It equalled to having freedom of choice, getting on a roller coaster, going zip lining and just having fun.”

Rosie explained that she is grateful that she experience life at 410lbs because it taught her a lot of lessons.

She said: “It taught me to be humble, how to treat people, to never judge a book by its cover and to persist.”

What a lovely lady, inside and out!

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