Fake tan addict has spent £35K and applies for four hours EACH DAY

Hannah won't stop until she's applied 10 layers of the sticky stuff

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A self-confessed fake tan addict has admitted to spending around £35,000 on her bronzing habit, which usually takes her four-and-a-half hours to apply everyday.

Why so long you ask?

Well, Hannah will not stop until she has caked on at least 10 layers of the brown gunge.

That’s a lot of fake tan!

Hannah, from South Wales wants the crown for ‘the most fake-tanned person in Britain’ and from what we can see, she’s not far off from getting it.

The 21-year-old fears her obsession has spiralled out of control, after tanning for almost ten years, giving her the appearance of a woman twice her age.

This is hardly surprising, because overall Hannah has spent 616 days of her life non-stop tanning.

(Yes, we were that sad to actually work it out!)

Hannah wants to tone it down and that involves taking the tan down a peg or two

She told E4’s Body Fixers team that people often stop and stare at her in the street.

“Some are nasty and call me an oompa loompa.”

She continued: “I’ve got to the point now where I don’t know how to change. I need help.”

Hannah joked that she needed to “tone down” because she looks “about 47”.

She also explained how she’d spent the staggering sum trying out various fake tan treatments to give her the ‘tangerine’ look.

But now she’s decided to take action, because she’s given herself five years to get married.

When asked if she thinks the tan puts men off, she confessed: “I think they think I’m a bit high maintenance.”

The Body Fixers told Hannah they would give her an exfoliation treatment to try and tone down her appearance.

We took a look at what Hannah could have bought with the £35,000 if it wasn’t for her love of the orange stuff!

Ten holidays at the Maldives

Instead of applying the sticky stuff, Hannah could have soaked it up in Maldives, on ten different occasions! Forget the orange tan, she would have been glowing with a natural sun-kissed tan.

Brand new Range Rover WITH personalised number plate

Oh Han, you could have had your hands on a new Range Rover plus a personalised number plate with your initials on it – bet she regrets slapping it on now!

Chanel Alligator Jumbo Handbag

She also could have bought a rare Chanel handbag AND have money to spare!

Rolex Lady 28 Platinum Silver and Diamond

Han could have shown off some bling with a Rolex watch, featuring real diamonds.

A month living in Brooke Shields’ five bedroom house

The 21-year-old could have had a month living in a celebrity’s home, which features a Blue Lagoon-style pool and decks on every level.

A house in Wales with £50 for a food shop

Han will sure be kicking herself after finding out she could have bought a three bed terraced house AND have money left over for food shopping.

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