Zayn Malik reveals true reason behind dramatic makeover that left fans in tears

The ex 1D star drew gasps from admirers after making a very bold decision

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Zayn Malik has finally revealed the real reason behind his dramatic makeover which left fans shocked this week.

The One Direction star raised eyebrows when he shaved his head and debuted a daring bald head in an in Instagram snap posted online by his mum Trisha.

His sensational makeover certainly got everyone talking with some fans saying the Pillowtalk singer could pull off any look and others begging him to grow his locks back and claiming to be in tears.

Zayn Malik debuted a bald head in an Instagram photo with girlfriend Gigi Hadid and mum Trisha this week [Credit: Instagram @trishamalik1069]

Fans began to lament the loss of Zayn’s thick black locks [Credit: FameFlynet]

Well, it’s good news for those Zayn admirers who weren’t so fussed on his striking new look as Zayn’s confirmed his hairless style isn’t here to stay.

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In a new interview with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, the superstar revealed he was forced to shave his head after bleaching his naturally dark hair blond left the strands ruined.

“I just shaved my head because I’d bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed,” he said.

“The bleach effects your hair doesn’t it so you’ve got to shave it off.

“It grows back straight away anyways, so I’ve got hair now anyway, it only took two days.”

Zayn said he had to shave his head because of damage done from bleaching. Pictured in August [Credit: Instagram @zayn]

Zayn had longer hair at the start of August [Credit: Instagram @zayn]

That will be music to those ears of fans who bluntly told Zayn they couldn’t understand why he’d ditch his hair for a bald head.

Reacting to the image on Instagram, one wrote: “Please be a bald cap!”

Another said: “This has to be a freaking nightmare.”

A third added, “His head literally looks like an egg”, while a fourth said: “Don’t even comment ‘he still looks cute’ I have loved Z since 2013 but HE DOESNT LOOK CUTE.”

Zayn, seen with girlfriend Gigi earlier this year, is no stranger to experimenting with hairstyles [Credit: Instagram @GigiHadid]

Zayn had blond streaks in his hair back in April [Credit: Instagram @Zayn]

Others fans claimed to be in tears over Zayn’s makeover, with one saying: “What the heck happened to Zayn’s hair? It’s gone! What OML. I’m actually gonna cry.”

Another agreed, saying, “I’m crying nooo Zayn!”, while a third lamented: “I might cry!”

Some other less than flattering remarks compared Zayn to a lightbulb and a Hollywood movie villain.

However, there were fans who proudly defended the ex-boybander’s bold look, with one writing: “Even without hair, he’s so perfect.”

Zayn, seen with Gigi last year, has said he was constrained when it came to changing his style in One Direction [Credit: FameFlynet]

Zayn has spoken in the past about the restraints he faced over his image while in One Direction.

Talking to Complex magazine last year, Zayn said he hadn’t been allowed to dye his hair while in the band boy and had been told to ditch the beard he’d grown.

“I wasn’t allowed to keep it. Eventually, when I got older, I rebelled against it, and decided to keep it anyway,” he said.

“That was just because I looked older than the rest of them. That’s one of the things that is now quite cool. I get to keep my beard.

“I also wanted to dye my hair when I was in the band, but I wasn’t allowed to.

Zayn released his collaboration with Sia this week [Credit: Instagram @Zayn]

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Zayn is back in the spotlight this week after releasing a new track with singer-songwriter Sia, his first new music in months.

The song, called Dusk Til Dawn, dropped on Thursday alongside a Hollywood movie-esque crime caper video featuring an epic car chase.

And the whole debate over hair or no hair aside, all fans are united in giving it a big thumbs up.

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