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Saturday 30th May 2020

Coronavirus: Police to prosecute a group of youths for 'coughing at NHS staff'

Force issues warning to people breaching lockdown

Police have apprehended a group of youths who allegedly coughed on NHS workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement on Twitter Warrington Police revealed they'd responded to reports that the gang were claiming to be infected with the coronavirus.

Both the youths and their parents will now face charges as a result of the incident.

The force also warned that anyone failing to stick to government lockdown advice will face prosecution.

Police will prosecute parents over coronavirus violations too

The statement said: "We have attended reports of a group of youths coughing at NHS staff stating they have coronavirus.

"The youths will be prosecuted, as will their parents.

The youths will be prosecuted, as will their parents.

"Parents/persons with PR [parental responsibility], make sure your children STAY INSIDE. You too can and will be prosecuted if you fail to do so."

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There have been other reports of people deliberately coughing in the faces of strangers, claiming to have the coronavirus.

Earlier The Sun Online has reported that police in Aberdeenshire were looking for a youth who allegedly coughed in a care worker's face after flagging her down in her car.

Face masks have become a common sight across the UK (Credit:

A local sergeant told the news website: "This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It left the woman distressed and fearful."

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He added: "I would also ask parents to remind their children that this kind of behaviour is more than just a prank, it can cause genuine fear and increased anxiety in the current climate."

Coronavirus measures

The government has put a number of measures in place in order to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

High streets look empty (Credit:

Shops, bars and restaurants have also been closed across the UK, leaving usually bustling high streets looking like ghost towns.

Additionally Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed the general public to stay at home for all but the most essential purposes.

Johnson himself tested positive for the coronavirus yesterday.

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