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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Your favourite celebs’ most desired foods

Do you share a similar palate to the rich and famous?

For some reason we'll never understand, there's something undeniably compelling about looking at what other people eat - anyone else waste hours doing just this on Instagram? And this becomes all the more interesting when it's celebrities? What do they munch on to keep their bodies and hair in such amazing condition?We've had a nose-y at some of our faves, so you can have a fix without all the work!

Serena Williams

Tennis pro Serena Williams (Credit: Splash)

The tennis pro has confessed that her cheat food of choice tends to be of the doughnut variety. "If I’m in LA, [her favourite treat] is definitely a donut from Stan’s Donuts," she said to Footwear News.

The superstar athlete is partial to a regular glazed donut, but her favourite kind are lemon-filled. While she may have a soft spot for these doughy confections, when it comes to really rewarding herself, Serena told The Telegraph: "Victory tastes very, very good. It tastes sweeter than any dessert you’ve ever had."

Serena enjoys going to Stan's Donuts (Credit: @stansdonutschicago instagram)

Holly Willoughby

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby (Credit: Splash)

This Morning host Holly Willoughby regularly wows weekday TV viewers by dressing her svelte figure in fabulously stylish outfits. So, what are the mum of three’s diet secrets to staying so trim? According to a source close to the star, chicken, carrots and hummus are Holly’s top three favourite foods.

Holly enjoys carrots and hummus (Credit: Google Images)

In addition to these staples, sources say “you'll never see her without a pack of mango either, to satisfy her sweet tooth.” While she may be in fantastic shape, the award-winning presenter is keen to discourage attention from her physical attributes, having previously said to Prima magazine: “I try not to focus too much on my appearance. As long as I'm being healthy, that's good enough for me.”

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby starred in MTV's Geordie Shore (Credit: Splash)

The Geordie Shore success story has shed a substantial amount of weight since first appearing on TV screens in 2011. By exercising more and changing her diet, Charlotte has transformed and attracted a fleet of healthy-eating followers in the process.

The Newcastle lass still insists having a treat when you want one is important, but has realised the importance of making sure it is a low-calorie snack. Her favourite food to snack on? Hartley’s Jelly Pots.

Charlotte Crosby enjoys snacking on Hartley's Jelly pots (Credit: Hartley's Jelly)

Fearne Cotton

TV and Radio presenter Fearne Cotton (Credit: Splash)

Since becoming a mother of two, TV golden girl Fearne has taken a shine to cooking, most recently publishing her own recipe book, Cook Happy Cook Healthy. She regularly posts the results of her home-baking collaborations with her young children on her Instagram page and has spoken about her love of getting messy in the kitchen.

"I always baked," she told The Independent. "Some of my fondest childhood memories are of baking with my nan, who used to make jam tarts with me in her kitchen. And that sparked a love of baking at a young age." The Radio 2 presenter favours the sweet stuff despite having given up processed sugar since the birth of her first child in 2013.

Fearne Cotton's banana bread (Credit: @fearnecotton instagram)

Kylie Jenner

Reality TV personality, model, entrepreneur and social media personality Kylie Jenner (Credit: Splash)

Despite being 17 years her junior, social media mogul Kylie Jenner is now almost as famous for her figure as older sister Kim Kardashian. At just 20 years old, her flat stomach and enviable shape could be attributed to a fast metabolism, especially when you consider the numerous fast food feasts she regularly enjoys in her Instagram and Snapchat posts.

Kylie Jenner enjoys In and Out burger (Credit: In and Out Burger)

Fans of the youngest Jenner will be familiar with the star eating junk foods such as Popeyes and In-N-Out Burger, but it seems pomegranate seeds are Kylie’s all-time favourite snack. She even posted a Snapchat video of her polishing off an entire box of the fruit following a night out.

Pomegranate seeds are Kylie's favourite snacks (Credit: Google Images)

Meghan Markle

Newest royal Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (Credit: Splash)

The former Hollywood actress and newest Royal is a self-proclaimed foodie. And even though she sticks to a healthy diet, Meghan Markle insists she does not deprive herself of her favourite foods. In an interview with Delish, the newly appointed Duchess of Sussex swore she will never miss an opportunity to try great pasta.

She revealed that her favourite pasta to cook includes courgette, lots of Parmesan cheese and a glass of wine. The Suits star’s secret is slow-cooking the courgette for four or five hours before tossing it in with the pasta, explaining, "the sauce gets so creamy you'd swear there's tons of butter and oil in it, but it's just zucchini, water and a little bouillon."

Meghan Markle enjoys her pasta (Credit: Google Images)

Ariana Grande

Pop diva Ariana Grande regularly shares her vegan beliefs and is said to follow a very healthy, macrobiotic vegan diet. When discussing her eating habits with The Mirror, the songstress said: "I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding. But I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person."

Ariana is known for loving all kinds of fruit and veg, but dragonfruit is by far her favourite and she has even referred to the exotic fruit as "the love of my life".

Ariana loves exotic fruit (Credit: Twitter: @ArianaGrande)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus and the Portuguese national team (Credit: Splash)

Understandably, Cristiano Ronaldo must keep a strict eye on his diet in order to stay at the top of his game and uphold his title as a world-renowned, record-breaking goal scorer. Although he has to cut back on processed and sugary foods, the football superstar is known for his large appetite and regularly indulges in big portions of his favourite foods.

Seafood dishes are a go-to for the Real Madrid forward. His favourite fish dish is believed to be "bacalhau a braz", a plate comprised of cod, onions, potatoes and scrambled eggs. He also adores swordfish and sea bass.

Christiano Ronaldo's favourite dish is Bacalhua A'Braz

So which celeb's palate most matches your own? Why not drop us a line on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and share some of your favourite dishes and snacks?