Young fans caught up in Manchester bombing admit nerves as they brave this evening’s gig

They are defiant in the face of terror

Ariana Grande fans who were caught up in the Manchester bombing have said they were nervous to return to a concert so soon after recent terror attacks but determined to carry on to show solidarity with the victims.

Best friends Stacie Richardson and James Bend, both 19, travelled from Chesterfield for the One Love Manchester benefit concert less than two weeks after the show where 22 people lost their lives at the Manchester Arena.

They attended the targeted show together and Stacie told the Press Association: “After the concert we didn’t sleep, we were really shaken.

“Ariana is very brave to come back so soon.

“We are a bit nervous about today and seeing the police with all the guns isn’t helping, there are so many, but we came to show our support.

Fans attending the One Love Manchester show (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“We saw what happened after the show two weeks ago with the families of the victims and want to support them.

James added: “With London last night it gave me more nerves.

“Ariana is probably the bravest woman I know.”

Linda Tipping, 50, and Laura Mayren, 26, from Chorley, both sported Ariana’s signature bunny ears as they said they were determined to enjoy themselves in spite of some trepidation.

Tipping said: “I’m nervous. Everything has made me nervous. I thought about not coming after last night.

“But friends said ‘don’t be stupid, enjoy yourself and don’t think about it’.

“We can’t let them stop us.”

Mayren added: “You only live once. Our friend lost her niece Saffie Rose (Roussos, who was eight).

“We wanted to be here to show our support.

“It’s going to be amazing in there, we are one.”

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