X Factor’s Matt Terry shocks family with obscene outburst

X Factor star turns the air blue in front of kids

We’ve seen it a million times before. Squeaky clean pop singer who woos the nation on The X Factor goes off rails and causes scandal.

James Arthur did it, Matt Cardle did it. Same Difference … er, they didn’t.

So it comes as no surprise to hear that last year’s winner Matt Terry has shown signs of rebelling too.

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Just this week, the handsome singer shocked parents in a family pub in Wakefield by bellowing out the C-word in front of a gaggle of shocked children.

Regulars at the pub who witnessed the foul-mouthed tirade took to Twitter to criticise the family entertainer.

A source told The Sun: “The pub incident was truly shocking. After one practice he got drunk at a bar in Wakefield and started swearing his mouth off in front of children.

“The parents who heard him were furious.”

One Twitter user, Elliee, messaged him: “@MattTerry93 I hope you apologise for swearing in front of children the other day at the pub, how rude! And it doesn’t suit you so stop it.”

But his grubby gob isn’t Matt’s only problem.

According to The Sun, Matt is beginning to rub his fellow X Factor mates up the wrong way by turning up late and hungover to rehearsals.

“The Matt the public saw on TV is not the Matt everyone is seeing backstage on tour,” a source told the paper,” the same snitch confided.

“He’s not showering himself in glory on the tour either. He has turned up late for call times and appeared hungover at rehearsals.

“At some he has had to mime through tunes while wearing shades to hide his eyes.”

Meanwhile, Matt’s bad boy image has supposedly been cemented by a series of Snapchat posts in which the singer is seen giving the middle finger to his followers.

While this is most likely youthful japery (is that a word? It is now!), Matt is apparently getting irritated that second place Saara Aalto is being treated like a queen on the X Factor tour.

“People have been calling the tour The Saara Aalto Show,” the troublemaking snitch has said.

“She has huge production and comes on stage at different times throughout, while Matt just comes on once at the end.

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“He must be in the dressing room for two hours before he comes on stage listening to the crowd go mad for her.”

A friend of Matt’s has said that the singer regrets turning the air blue in front of kids, but insisted that his off stage behaviour didn’t affect his performances.

“Matt’s 23 and just having a good time on tour,” the pal explained. “He regrets getting drunk and swearing in a family environment, but he’s 100 per cent dedicated in his performances.”

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