The X Factor’s Matt Terry and Freddy Parker are moving in together!

X Factor champ last week denied he'd shared a kiss with fellow finalist after his win...

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Matt Terry has got more than just a record deal out of The X Factor – he’s also bagged himself a new flatmate.

The singer, who was crowned champion of this year’s ITV series last weekend, has been flat hunting in London today with his friend Freddy Parker, who he met on the show.

Both boys were mentored by Nicole Schherzinger and despite Freddy having been voted out of the competition at a much earlier stage, they stayed mates and are now moving in together.

Earlier in the day, Freddy had posted about his move to the Big Smoke.

Recently, the pair denied that there was more to their friendship when they were questioned about what appeared to be an on-stage kiss on the programme.

Matt told The Sun: “It is a complete load of rubbish. He is my little brother, we hit it off since the start, we are best mates.

“There is no romance, I was just hugging and all of the X Factor contestants were so proud. We are a big family.

“Maybe it’s just fans getting a little crazy. We have such a bromance going, no relationship I’m afraid.”

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