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X Factor winner Matt Cardle hits out at reality TV for ‘using people’ after struggling with fame

The singer became a household name in 2010

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Matt Cardle has hit out at the X Factor and Love Island for “using people” after struggling with fame himself.

The 37-year-old singer, who won the ITV singing competition in 2010, recently opened up on the negative impact sudden fame can have on contestants.

Appearing on FUBAR Radio, Matt insisted it was “time” reality shows took after care more seriously.

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Matt Cardle has hit out at reality TV (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

What did X Factor winner Matt Cardle say?

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng, Matt explained: “It’s such massive exposure and you’re so unprepared for it. And no-one wants to hear anything negative said about themselves.

“When you get onto a level or a stage at that level, the hate and the vitriol that comes out of people’s mouths can be brutal. And it’s like, ‘No-one prepared me or anyone for that!'”

People’s hopes and dreams are going to get, you know, messed with

Although the singer is happy that change is happening, he still blames shows for not making after care their priority.

In addition, Matt shared: “We all know what’s happened with some of the people from Love Island and things like that.

The X Factor winner struggled with fame (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“There really is a duty of care to protect because those shows use people. It’s as simple as that, you know.

“Like everyone else on that show was, was being used, as was I even post the show.”

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The singer became ‘public property’

He continued: “It’s a tricky one for them to navigate because they are just trying to make good telly. But along the way, people’s hopes and dreams are going to get, you know, messed with.”

Matt later described himself as “public property” after winning the X Factor.

Matt turned to pills and alcohol after winning (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Meanwhile, the musician also spoke openly about his past struggles with prescription pills and alcohol.

He said: “Talking is the only thing that helps with mental health and all that kind of stuff.”

What has Matt said about his struggles?

Matt, who was once hit on by Meghan Markle, previously revealed he turned to pills and drink after winning the show.

In fact, the singer admitted he was lucky he didn’t die during the height of his addictions.

Appearing on Lorraine, Matt said: “I did [self-medicate].

“I could point the finger at any one thing at the time, whether it was leaving Sony, whether it was the relationship break down, whether it was the stresses of fame.”

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Furthermore, he added: “It was just the culmination of everything and I ran away from how I was feeling.”

Nowadays, Matt is happily settled with partner Amber Hernaman.

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