X Factor: Viewers ANGRY as Honey G sends a ‘talented’ singer home

Who is still voting for the would-be rapper?

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The golden glow of Honey G is still shining over the X Factor.

No matter how much she is slammed by those that watch the ITV talent show, Honey G still seems to get enough votes to stay in the competition.

She may have given Motown week such a twist that she wrung the life out of the genre but it had the judge’s on their feet and got people at home voting for her.

There was anger though during the results show when it was announced that Honey G was safe and two more ‘talented’ singers had been dumped in the sing-off.

Not that seemed to matter to Sharon Osbourne, who once again forgot the name of he act Saara Aalto. Never bodes well when you are hoping to get further in the live finals.

There was a call for a vote strike on Twitter, as viewers ripped in to the decision.

Freddy Parker was the one that took a fall this time.

With Divas being the category chosen for next week, viewers had one thing on their mind.

Is the path to the final already dripping with Honey or will those voting see sense and put a stop to her march?

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