X Factor star slammed for nonsense tweet sent after terror attack

This chump is like the new Lee Ryan!

Oh dear! Never mix music and politics, it normally ends in disaster – as a one-time X Factor wannabe has found out to his cost this week.

Lloyd Daniels – remember him? Er, just go with it – landed himself in hot water this week for posting an ill-timed tweet about veganism after the terrible events that took place in London’s Westminster.

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The 23-year-old singer and panto star rubbed people up the wrong way by saying that we should be more outraged that we kill animals for meat instead of a small amount of people getting killed.

“When a person gets killed we are outraged & disgusted,” he tweeted. “But there are 6 billion animals killed yearly for ‘meat purposes’ & that’s ok? #veganism”

No sooner was the comment online than people were savaging him, especially as it came so soon after what had happened on the streets of Westminster.

Realising his error the former X Factor swiftly deleted the comment and defended himself.

His defence was a bit lame, with Lloyd insisting he hadn’t realised that the London attacks were as serious as they were.

“This is me being completely honest, I don’t watch the news,” he told the Sun Online.

“When I posted that tweet all these tweets started coming through straight away and I was like, ‘what the hell is going on?’”

“I’m genuinely just a cool guy and anything that’s political or anything like that, I don’t really argue it. It’s just not me – it’s not in me.

“The post I made wasn’t anything about what happened in London but that’s what people thought so when I saw these tweets coming about it I had to delete it and explain myself.

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However, Lloyd did say that he stood by what he said about the killing of animals for food.

“The way I see it being a vegan, for me anything that’s living is equal,” he said. “I stand by what I said but the way it came across to people, I don’t stand by the way they saw it.”

Lloyd’s tweets remind us of the time when Blue’s Lee Ryan kicked off about elephants after the September 11 atrocities `and said: “Who gives a fig about New York when elephants are being killed? Animals need saving and that’s more important.”

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